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OPD Operations "Plan" for 2nd #Occupy Eviction Leaked

If by leaked, you mean, left strewn carelessly about the Coliseum.  Not sure, but I think that means that these were discarded directly after being read, and directly before the final staging.

This just in from Indybay:

OccOak - OPDs Operational Plans-Eviction 2 : Indybay 
by Sat Dec 24 16:26:26 PST 2011

OPD's Operational Plans for Occupy Oakland - November 14, 2011 eviction documents
Wellll lookee... OPD left their operational plans all over the coliseum when they marshaled up for the second eviction of Oakland. 

and here is file link: 

Sure makes for an interesting read.  Very.  Updates as I figure or find them out.

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