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The Fun Beginneth | Hew Jass NRC FOIA Fukushima Data Dump

NRC FOIA Documents On Fukushima – SimplyInfo Has Them.

A number of people requested information related to the Fukushima disaster from the US NRC by freedom of information requestion.  The NRC released the information in a very tangled and confusing manner that duplicated data and made it very hard to search. We have recompiled the data dump into an easier to navigate system. Below are all the releases in numerical order by NRC document number.
We have a central very large PDF document of the entire data dump. The file is around 1gb and about 20k pages, it could possibly cause viewing or downloading issues for some people depending on their computer processing ability and internet connection. This document should allow people to search for keywords or other search strategies to pick out needed information.
Get the large central PDF here.

Thank you SimplyInfo.

Let us not forget: 

All you can read is about 10 or so lines, according to Tokyo Shinbun citing Kyodo News (9/7/2011).

TEPCO submitted the 12-page document as requested by a Lower House committee concerning the emergency operation procedure at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

Following the "request" (it was a formal request) from the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency to pay close attention to the PP (Physical Protection), TEPCO blacked out almost all of the information, resulting in the document as you see in the picture...
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