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Monthly Air Raid Siren Absent, Oakland, CA 8/3/2011

I was going to record the monthly Air Raid Siren for artistic purposes:  I wanted the air raid siren that freaks me out monthly.  There I was with microphones and all: stood up by a symbol for the nuclear annihilation that has haunted us since the Cold War.  

I could hear them off in the distance, very faint.  Must have gone off somewhere in Oakland, but nowhere near me, at any point today.

I did, however, find a treasure trove of recordings of the San Francisco tests...

I previously noted test anomalies here

Be seeing you.

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  1. I live in the Hills above Montclair Village and I just heard the siren, it goes off first Wednesday at noon, I expect you could setup in the village and hear it fine.

    -Gil Batzri