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Tepco, 2010:
Aging Management and Safe Long Term Operation At Guess Where

I have here reproduced, a certain Tokyo Electric Power Company PDF (with alternate download links below),

In an ongoing effort by many of the webs finest minds (and myself) to Gain Satisfaction With Regard to a Certain Question

Submitted for your Perusal:

Note the date of the presentation, above.  

Note the vendors 
--- 3 & 5 are made by Toshiba, 4 by Hitachi --  
This threw me off for a good long time.

One-Fukushima is one of the oldest 
-- so they have to ease it into modernity....

Perhaps these sheets needed to be updated?
 -- but I am not interposing remarks for my health... *ahem*

It would seem automation is the standard.

Particularly with the pumps.

Pay dirt. Enjoy.  Please: comment.  I don't claim to be an expert engineer.  Gentle Readers, should ye find a moiety of satisfaction hereunder, do share.... 






Be seeing you.


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    you are most welcome: more to come. please if you would share your insights/deductions/conjectures/responses/&c with the class -- keeping in mind that many, if not most, of us may be, shall we say, rather new to the specific fields of study....

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