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TepCo President Kneels In Ritual Admission Of Guilt Before Furious Evacuees


Unless, of course, like contrite Rumsfeld before chiding Cynthia McKinney, the admission means little to the executives, having been so totally corrupted by the corporatist paradigm that their own ancient rituals do little to engage a conscience out of touch for so long it has effectively atrophied.

In order to imitate virtue, one must I believe understand it.  


Interesting.  Does it change anything?  Does it save one child, one Fukushima Daiichi worker?

Does it mean that the President is now likeley to grant my highly technical request for detailed information specificities of hardware/software interface at the Fukushima Daiichi (branding, version, log history, network neighborhood, political context) ?

Be seeing you.


This clip from Kurasawa's Dreams is even more appropriate than usual, given the debate taking shape in the comments:


  1. Seems to me that General Electric (the very company that finaced the dropping of the bomb Hiroshima Nagaskai etc on populated civilain areas ; a war crime) should be held liable for making faulty systems . Japan shouold have sued the US when the ydropped the bomb the first time...(This would have precvented untold horros upon the world as it was the most atrocious foreign policy blunder ever) Now they definitely should sue GE...
    TEPCO should not be permitted to tax the people for this spill after being negligible in malfeasance. Crocodile Tears from the president do nothing to help the people recover. Japan has sold out is heritage to a temporary power on its way out..THE US GE mafia...

  2. They should have killed themselves!

    That was the honorable thing to do. They've brought their country down- devbastated it- doomed every living thing in Japan, around Japan, the Paific Ocean, and are responsible for radiation poisoning across the Pacific and the rest of the world. The food crops, the water, the milk...ruined! Birth defects /radiation mutations will happen.

    They should have killed themselves!

    The least these scum could do, is to kill themselves!

    In lieu of that, perhaps someone could do the rest of us a favor, by killing them, at least!

  3. so ... how is that a favor to me? i understand the sentiment, but it just seems to be -- more death. Hikosaka said (if i understand the translation) that they and their children should go, lead the way, clean up the site. the quote is (spaces between meaning groups):

    日本の 東電 の経営陣 もまた、自分自身や自分 の子供を 復旧作業の 先頭に立つ ことで、その 責任を取る 事を 明示 すべきです。

    which google translates as

    Japan's TEPCO also management, restoration work can lead yourself and your child, you should take responsibility for things that clearly.

    and which literally translated and left in the same order is

    Japan's TEPCO management also, you-and-your child, restoration-work lead can , that take-responsibility-for things clearly you-should.

    my point is, this is more useful than execution... well, i disagree about the children.

  4. certainly the crime is less in the disaster than in ho it was handled. i just found out that the govt assumed on the 11th of march an explosion, a large release of radiation would occur! that was NOT what they were saying. they knew that people would never get to go back home -- thats not what they told them. people believed they would only be gone a short while. can you imagine?