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Foucault on the Death of Osama Bin Laden

"The public execution, then has a juridico-political function. It is a ceremonial by which a momentarily injured sovereignty is reconstituted. It restores that sovereignty by manifesting it at its most spectacular. The public execution, however hasty and everyday, belongs to a whole series of great rituals in which power is eclipsed and restored (coronation, entry of the king into a conquered city, the submission of rebellious subjects); over and above the crime that has places the sovereign in contempt, it deploys before all eyes an invincible force.... The ceremony of punishment, then, is an exercise of 'terror.'.... The public execution did not reestablish justice, it reactivated power." 

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  1. Nana Baakan here, great quote, thank you.

  2. discipline and punish, near the beginning of the book when they describe the dude being drawn and quartered for attempting to assassinate the king of france, right?
    and very quickly he goes from that to explaining the full implications of what we usually do now instead, incarceration. but youve read the book and know that already. blablabla etc.

    that said, its funny how much the execution of bin laden recreates this older form of punishment, the direct violence by the wannabe-hobbesian sovereign himself as personal vendetta against those who would dare to defy him.
    Black Lion Burns Cities. or, well (pun intended)
    Black Lion Drowns CIA Trained Jihadists.