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PNAC: a Nominally American Conspiracy

Been meaning to put this up for a while, but what with the Gulf, and now Japan...  

I hope we make it, people.   I am still rooting for us monkeys.  Let's be the people-with-their-heads-not-up-their-asses that we want to see in the world.

To which end may I present Daniel Abrahamson.  

You may not agree with everything he has to say -- I would be surprised if you could even absorb it all.  (And if you knew it all already -- you should post.) So sachedule a couple of hours when you can try to take this in.  (Hint: its better than Zeitgeist).

You'll be glad you did.

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Project for the New American Consciousness? Perhaps Now Anythings Constitutional? or, Primer Needed by the Attentive Citizen?  A call for suggestions, nay, a contest, declared! For acromymical (ahem) entertainment purposes only.

Speaking of which, I welcome comments, in case you hadn't noticed.  A blog is a venerable research technology.  I am very thankful to every Gentle Reader who has taken the time to share what they know.  Together we can fix this mess, I am certain. The questions that remain are not so much of philosophy as of logistics.  Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law -- real soon now...

Be seeing --

but wait, how about I leave you with something fun?  This is what I call fun.  It may also finish off what is left of your mind.  As far as I know, all, (I checked them), all the sources for the bold statements made by the following video are in fact correct.  It may be a bit out of date -- it was made in 2006, back when bad presidents sounded bad -- but -- it has a good beat... so hold on to whatever you need to --

by Ignorance Isn't Bliss

Be seeing you.


  1. Hi fF - thanks for the heads-up on what looks to be a far more compassionate version of PNAC.

    You say "And if you knew it all already -- you should post."

    To which some of us old timers might reply "Why, when we've covered most outlets for decades, now banned from most, blithering on about self awareness, self discipline, true values, right work (Schumacker), a deep and abiding research into modern history (starting at least with Adam Weishaupt) until you discover the basis for the present ghastly status quo - then DOING something practical about it along Gandhiji's line?"

    So who is listening, fF? Certainly not a viable minority as yet, IMO.

    And the closer people get to the truth, the heavier the repression. Ponerology.

    As an example, did you ever check out the curious story of W.G.Carr's 1958 book 'Pawns in the Game'? Worth a scroot, IMO, if only to understand how the Japanese yakuza family Yamaguchi got involved in preserving it and how their website archive was taken over by a certain Yarmulka Inc. ... ;-)

    Good luck to 'Priority Now! Arrest Corporates'

    aldo arisen

  2. PNAC no longer exists. Well it does, they just changed it to Foreign Policy Initiative. They're basically the same as AIPAC

  3. I am happy that many of the educated Americans finally have come out of their willing stupor.
    That there IS an agenda is frighteningly apparent.The time for debating and or discussing has reached its' nadir.
    The Perpetual war is not a new idea in any sense of our combined experience. [ War on Poverty] [ War on Drugs ] [ War on Terror ].
    Anyways I am hopeful and optimistic about this new awakening that is occurring.I'm actually going to ENJOY hearing what I was reading and experiencing in the late 90's. Knowledge with action is a repeated lesson in futility.

  4. Last sentence addendum " Knowledge (Without) action is a repeated lesson in futility"

  5. I tried to watch the video and it says "this video is private."

  6. at the request of the speaker, Mr. Abrahamson. i should have posted an update. but note the active link to the online publicly available download is still here..........