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(VIDEO) Tactical Nuclear Weapon in Iraq? UPDATED

Been meaning to put this up for a while. Please comment if you have any information for us; we would love to know.


found, on GLP:

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12/19/2006 3:07 PM

Re: Tactical Nuke Exploding in Iraq - Video


"...For small nuclear detonations, such as tactical nukes, the resultant EMP in magnitude enough to do this would have a very short range, 1/4 mile or less. The explosion we witnessed at Camp Falcon is entirely consistent with that of a tactical nuclear device with a 10 to 20 kiloton capacity.

The DoD isn't saying much about the incident. They're zipped tight about the incident. When all of this is considered, it does not bode well. As I said before, I hope this was not a tactical nuke, but I have my nagging doubts almost to certainty that it was..."


At 8:37 PM, Eric Stewart said...

All manner of attempts to discredit this bit of news have arised and why not? This has the potential to be far more damaging to the Bush administration than anything that has occured on his watch yet - yes anything. We are talking about storing nuclear devices in a foreign country, in a war zone. For what?

There has been a steady campaign, as well, to paint this explosion as some other kind of very large bomb. Here I provide links to video evidence showing what happens when the largest non-nuclear bomb ever created goes off, the MOAB. You will notice that the MOAB, unlike the bomb that went off in Iraq, does not bathe the entire landscape in white light, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation (thermal radiation, or heat, is not the same color). As well, it does not mushroom, this the biggest non-nuclear device ever devised. The last link, below, shows the first ever H-bomb detonation, in which we see the brilliant flash first (clearly visible even in broad daylight), as in the Iraq videos.

The Iraqi video is useful in that it shows a much further angle, showing just how much of the city is bathed in light and the Marines' video is useful in that we see concern about fallout in regards to wind directions and that the sirens did not go off until the mushroom went off.

Be seeing you.


  1. Which explosion is in question? There are several large explosions shown. The explosion at about 4:23m is not a tactical weapon explosion.
    There are many battle field "bombs" to use, however in this case to answer your question it appears that the nuclear yield is just not seen.
    In a tactical nuke weapon, you would see a larger volume of gas expansion, this appears to be more ground explosion and is "plumed" up.
    This video seem to show many different types of artillery, some are after explosions that appear to be ammo depots and other ammunitions “cooking off” due to heat or direct hit. A normal low yield tactical nuclear weapon would be much larger and brighter and would be dropped from above. This gives the weapon its maximum potential for destruction, mostly its altimeter is adjusted to a sea level height of 2,000-3000 feet above. The tactical weapon is dropped or launched from a portable launch site or pad, it detonates higher then the ground and the blast is forced down and out. ( just like the old videos of air dropped bombs ) this would create the image of a long blast stem with the mushroom top being much higher then anything else around it.

    A tactical weapon must be detonated from the air above the target for maximum potential.

    Mostly TNW's are used to end or finish off the target completely, so ground troops would not be used for "clean up" missions.

  2. The camp falcon mushroom cloud...

    About a quarter the way down the page...