Chesterfield SC Sheriff Uses Shelter Dogs As Target Practice


Rescue Workers Report Police S.O.P.:
Attempts At Whistleblowing Resulted in ALL Dogs Killed 
In Retaliation: 
Even Those For Whom Homes Had Been Found.

horiz+sheriff.jpgSome horrible things going on in animal shelters. Especially one in South Carolina, though it isn't the only example. I urge you to read if not my source than at least the summary below.

Make at least one call or write at least one email (links below) -- please pass on the info if you can.
  • The sheriff’s department lets the dogs loose in the landfill and then uses them for target practice. That is how they are “euthanizing” [when they aren't using cruel monoxide gas chambers that don't always work the first time.]
  • Prisoners are in charge of care of the animals and are brought in once a day to see to their care. Prisoners are routinely left [alone] with the dogs while the ACO’s go to do animal pick ups.
  • There is no budget for the animal shelter. It is run solely on donations and if there is no food donated, the animals are not fed. Yet the budget allows for the animal control officers to all drive brand new SUV’s. There are four of them purchased within the last two years, all brand new….
  • There are local rescue groups working [at] getting the dogs out but multiple times in the past year if they spoke against the shelter, the shelter euthanized ALL the dogs – EVEN THOUGH ALL THE DOGS HAD RESCUE. They were killed as retaliation for the groups speaking out against the horrid conditions and inhumane treatment.
  • The sheriff’’s department are the ones slaughtering the dogs...
  • The sheriff’s department is the group that is “investigating this."

Note that local law enforcement were NOT the ones called by the rescue groups -- implying that the rescue groups knew well how futile that would be.

Read more here -- or, if you wish a less completely outraged and thus (unfortunately) obviously far from impartial report, either from the sources appended thereto (thanks, Pets Alive), take your pick of searches (i went ahead and googled some for you). Included is this gem, a disappearance of 333 search results in google news, from 366 to 33, so interesting I had to make a short video.................. 
(The links just aforementioned are to my search urls, which will be broken, no doubt, soon, since Google is now entirely script generated).

And, following up on the same story, excellent analysis of a dirty little local editorial.  Worth it just for the grace with which the snide and smarm is, well, put down:

Robert Pregulman,

However, some parts of the editorial are condescending and wrong. Like other news outlets, the editorial says that “technically speaking”  SC law states that shooting a dog is an “allowable method of euthanasia”. Then the editorial shows the part of the statute that says that shooting can only be used for euthanasia “in emergency situations”.

Making a blanket statement that the state considers shooting an acceptable form of euthanasia is factually incorrect. It’s only allowed in “emergency situations”. Didn’t these guys take Journalism 101?....

The editors also take a condescending swipe at the no kill movement. First, they say no kill shelters aren’t really no kill because pets that are too old or sick to be adopted are euthanized. If they would bother to read about no kill shelters, they would see that is a clear, understood policy of a no kill shelter. No one tries to hide this fact, so the editors aren’t printing a great revelation even though they make it sound like they are exposing a dirty secret.


Here is what I think is the most ridiculous statement in the editorial “With strong encouragement by the public, which in turn was fueled by sensational media coverage and a bit of animal activist grandstanding, the case is now being investigated by state authorities.”
How do these editors define grandstanding? By telling the truth? By showing pictures of dogs with their heads blown apart? By uncovering unspeakable cruelty that sickens most of their readers? This is big news. People are upset. The woman who exposed this story deserves to be commended for exposing what this shelter did.

Be sure and read more here.

Want to know what you can do? Pets Alive is helpful indeed:
So use those talking points and email the mayor and the council.
1. Demand the mayor have a separate group investigate the allegations.
2. Demand the mayor provide a budget for the shelter.
3. Demand the mayor investigate the prisoners left unattended with the animals.
4. Demand routine inspections and reports by an unbiased individual or group, each week, going forward.
5. Demand an accounting of how every animal is euthanized and WHY every animal is euthanized if there is another option.
6. Demand rescue access – allowing rescues to whisk those animals away to safety.

The town is run by the town council though, so be SURE to cc them as well: and
Council members:
Also contact the governor:
Governor Nicky Haley
Then contact the Attorney General’s office and demand that the sheriff’s own office not be able to investigate themselves and that a higher authority do so.
The Honorable Alan Wilson
P.O. Box 11549
Columbia, S.C. 29211
The Sheriff?  Here ya go!
Phone: 843-623-2101
Fax: 843-623-3534

Animal Control
Brian Burch – Supervisor
Joe Campbell – Animal Control Officer
467 Goodale Road
Chesterfield SC 29709
Phone: 843-623-3585
Fax: 843-623-9223
Senator Jim DeMint
Phone: 843-727-4525
Fax: 843-793-6839
Rep. Mick Mulvaney
FAX: 803-327-4330
Email Address:
WWW Homepage:
Twitter: @RepMickMulvaney

Despite the non-impartial (to say the least) tone of my source, the story very much checks out. The impunity makes me sick to my stomach.  Especially when I consider what other species and subspecies (read: humans) men capable of these actions may consider 'animals' from time to time.  And what little would then prevent them from acting similarly.

That reminds me (warning, links to adult language content, not suitable for minors or work, hey, sometimes I give my Gentle Readers warning, no?):


Be seeing you.

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  1. I know this probably is a dumb-ass question, but honestly, your point is?

    I mean truthfully, in some areas of the world human beings are being used for target practice.

    And everyone from the pharmaceutical companies to the pro-democracy-goons and the unions-firsters -are all regularly using human populations for trial balloons to see is they go "pop..."

    And a lot people -do go "pop".

    17 grown Obama's made an eleven year old Hispanic a go "pop", repeatedly down in Cleveland -Texas the other day. She was reportedly tiny and some of these fellas weighed in at more than several hundred pounds.

    It must have really gone "pop" for her.

    But don't worry, things are looking-up.

    You can expect to have an Obama for a president from here on out. Illegal immigration is insuring that.

    These swell colored folks make great politicians -or so it seems anyway.

    All this will become the new normal and no one will even take notice anymore -is likely.

    They eat dogs in China.

    Gang raping eleven year-old's will probably become a national past time.

    So, shooting a a few puppies for which there are no homes, is probably one of the lower priorities I have in mind when I think of all the things that make me REALLY SQUIRM.

    I suppose someone in this world ought to be just a little overboard in the altruism department to smooth over all the grotesque brutality that seems so ubiquitous these days.

    Oh well, that's CHANGE! Right, Oprah?

  2. wow,i just wish i could switch off my emotions the same way you just done,lessee--nnnnnope,cant be done,i still get this mad feeling that an atrocity is an atrocity regardless of "level",dirty cop bastards.

  3. "wow,i just wish i could switch off my emotions the same way you just done"

    You'll get the hang of it. Just keep smooshing all that altruist crap around and eventually someone will shove your face into it -just like the cat that gets his face shoved into his own shit for crapping in the cellar.

    People get tired of smelling it, and YOU WILL TOO. And eventually someone'll take the lovelies into their own hands and wring them out like a wash rag and throw them into the hamper.

    Besides, you don't, and couldn't even possibly know what an atrocity is, Arthur Schopenhauer.

    Life is good. There's no reason to share it with the ubiquitous whining casualties, victims of their own deception.

    Let them eat cake. That's all they really want anyway.

    I'm here and every bit the equal of the challenge.

    The me-hole know-it-all from the first post.