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SNOW in SF: due to Global Warming no doubt...

... from a search I just did (Thursday, 2.24.11, 2:08 pm)


  1. San Francisco Snow Watch 2011: When?!

    SFist - Brock Keeling - 1 hour ago
    When it does snow in San Francisco, will we need chains for our tires? What aboutsnow shoes? Can we eat it? Does it, as Vanessa Williams insists, ...
    Note to Gore: Snow Coming to San Francisco‎ - Fox News (blog)
    Snow in downtown San Francisco not a certainty but there's a 'fair ...‎ - San Francisco Examiner
    Snow on the way, at least for the peaks‎ - San Francisco Chronicle
    USA Today KTVU San Francisco
    all 99 news articles »

    Fox News (blog)
  2. Tahoe bracing for snow storm; San Francisco, Sacramento could see ... - 7 hours ago
    Both San Francisco and Sacramento could be getting hit with a modest amount of snow in the next day or two. Snow is expected to arrive late this afternoon ...
  3. San Francisco braced for first snow in 35 years as another storm ...

    Daily Mail - Mark Duell - 3 hours ago
    More snow is forecast for the Midwest, severe storms are developing in two southern states and San Francisco is expected to see snowfall for the first time ...

    Daily Mail
  4. What if it doesn't snow in San Francisco?

    San Francisco Chronicle (blog) - 4 hours ago
    The Snoopy Sno Cone Machine: The cure for a kid who is crying because it didn'tsnow in San Francisco. The kids are talking about sledding in Dolores Park ...

    San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
  5. Cooling Trend (more light snow Friday into the weekend)

    Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog) - Paul Douglas - 6 hours ago
    Snow In San Francisco? Unusually cold air is sweeping down the west coast; for the first time since 1976 downtown San Francisco may see a light accumulation ...
    Storm System Brings Threat of Tornadoes, Flooding‎ - AOL News
    Friday storm could bring snow to the sand, but most likely just to ...‎ - San Jose Mercury News
    Bit of snow possible Saturday in Fresno‎ - Fresno Bee
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    Norwalk Reflector
  6. Snow Heading for San Francisco, Seattle and Portland

    AOL News - 20 hours ago
    A major winter storm is poised to descend upon the Northwestern United States over the next two days, bringing snow as far south as San Francisco after ...
  7. Global Warming Hysteria: IT'S GOING TO SNOW IN SAN FRANCISCO!

    First Things (blog) - Wesley J. Smith - 16 hours ago
    Kristi said: RT @CO2HOG: SHS: Global Warming Hysteria: IT'S GOING TO SNOW INSAN FRANCISCO! #tcot [...] Specifically, who suggested ...

    First Things (blog)
  8. U.S. weather taking another wrong turn - 15 hours ago
    The weather could get weird in San Francisco, where the first snow since 1976 is a possibility Friday. The Los Angeles area and Las Vegas also might see a ...
  9. Arts/Culture/Weekend: Let it snow, a little bit

    San Francisco Chronicle (blog) - Martina Castro - 4 hours ago
    They meet twice a week to paint outdoors in the parks and cities east of the San Francisco Bay Area. Their upcoming show, "Immigrant Neighborhoods", ...
  10. Cold, wet weather—even snow—in forecast for Pleasanton, Tri-Valley ...

    Pleasanton Weekly - Jeb Bing - Patricia Decker - 1 day ago
    Talk began swirling Tuesday that snow could drop even on San Francisco for the first time in 35 years, but forecaster Bob Benjamin said that while snow will ...
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  1. Lenzorizzo here. I remember the snowfall of 76 well. ( Well until you mentioned it I didn't remember the exact date)But we stoners met at school (McAteer High)in the morning as usual, then cut out for Golden Gate Park and played in the snow. It was outstanding! I hope the youth of the new generation have the balls to cut school and have fun on a very rare day. The 70s were different, I know. Hell, I sold acid to my teachers back then and got stoned with others. Does that happen in high schools now? Or are there too many cops?