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Eyewitness: About What Happened To Lara Logan:


I am reconsidering the tone of the following article; I can say right now that I do not wish to be used to back up anyone's argument in this matter.
Thanks to everyone who commented, especially 'Julia' (here and here; publication on the latter delayed because blogger thought it was spam, my apologies).

I will be checking from time to time to reply to comments.
Am attempting to secure interview with the belowmentioned person, also there.
Was struck with how consistent that account was with this – that was what prompted this post.  Well that and the aroma this story had, and not from close.  Smelled like................ 
                                   , no, nuh-uh.  No way.
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The place is Tahrir Square, Cairo, and the context is revolution, long sought, long expected, and long overdue.  

Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes, and compassion is called for when reviewing the errors of others: we cannot know with certainty what another experiences in any given situation; we cannot be sure that any account is complete and unembellished, not even our own.    That kind of precision, however, is thankfully not necessary for an accurate assessment.  
What really happened to Lara Logan?   
The  Main Stream Media's (MSM's) internal inconsistencies alone should disabuse  one of the notion of their authority. A basic, if determined, search session or two and I can tell you what did not happen: krugerrands to Krispy Kremes, she was not gang raped.  Double or nothing: she did something to get herself singled out as and accused of being an Israeli operative, a crime for which, from what I understand, discovery, trial, verdict, and sentencing are performatively implicit in the accusation itself.  In other words, they hold such crimes to be self-evident: that all Israeli spies merit being dragged off, for starters.  The dragging away and the subsequent protection by soldiers - men - let me repeat that - protection by male soldiers, not women - was a detail corroborated by another eyewitness account, personally related to me. FWIW. 
Like many others who no doubt will emerge in the coming weeks, Témoris Grecko was there. 

He describes in detail everything he himself observed – Read more at Ubuntu, Témoris' Blog –  and records interviews he conducted of colleagues and fellow bystanders:

Rape? Women? Stripped? What really happened to Lara Logan

I witnessed part of the mob attack against CBS’s Lara Logan at Cairo’s Tahrir square on the evening of Friday, February 11th. I was struck when I read CBS’s February 15th communiqué describing the attack as a “brutal and sustained sexual attack”, and attributing her rescue to “a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers.” This account does not fit with what I, and others, witnessed.
The TV network’s communiqué, which came rather late, as noted by Richard Cohen in The Washington Post, was promptly interpreted by many in the international media to mean rape, and in these terms it became a debate that soon adopted racist and sexist overtones. Egyptian and Muslim men are portrayed as wild beasts and Islam as an inherently violent religion. Attractive women, many commentators have said, should avoid taking on risky tasks, and if they insist, then they had it coming.
I was buying tea from a vendor in Tahrir with two friends, Amr Fekry, a 26 year old Egyptian call center agent, and Andi Walden, a San Francisco political science student. Then we heard the noise and saw the mob coming. A blonde woman, neatly dressed with a white coat, was being dragged and pushed. It didn’t seem to me she was panicking, but rather trying to control the situation. They passed us in an moment. They were yelling “agent!, agent!”
I tried to run to intervene, but some Egyptians I didn’t know prevented me from doing it.  There was nothing I could do and, as a foreign journalist, I’d surely end up being accused of being an agent too, and attacked. Fekry did go there and disappeared into the crowd, 50 or 100 people strong.
Later I spoke with two young male activists who helped the person I later learned was Lara Logan (I didn’t know her before, I don’t usually follow US networks).  They were Omar El Shennawy, a 21 year old teacher of English, and Abdulrahman Elsayed, a 25 year old teacher of physical education. They said they had formed a human chain with other young men to protect Logan, and then delivered her to the Egyptian Museum military post.
When I read CBS’s story and it’s interpretation by other media outlets, I felt troubled.  It seemed misleading. “It didn’t make sense to me”, said Benjamin Starr, from Boston who arrived as a tourist on January 24th, and stayed to witness the uprising.  He also saw the mob pass by with Lara Logan. “I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe something happened in another part of the square, but from what I saw, she was being taken by men to the soldiers, and her clothes were not torn off. There were no women, I didn’t see a single woman in the crowd around her.”
Similarly, in hearing the CBS’s communiqué, Amr Fekry wrote on my Facebook wall: “It’s a little bit ridiculous what we hear that she was raped in Tahrir!! We were there! You remember she was about two meters away from us when we were buying tea! Maybe someone harassed her, but she ran and people protected her from being hit! I tried to go and help her but many people pushed me hard to go away as they thought I was trying to hit her. The only thing that some people only thought she was an Israeli spy!”
“I think it is a big exaggeration”, said Alshimaa Helmy, a 21 year old Egyptian biotechnology student and cyber-activist. “It couldn’t happen. How can someone risk to rape a foreign woman in the most important square of Egypt, in front of tens of witnesses? If those were bad guys, what about all the good people who were celebrating? She doesn’t deserve what happened to her, no one does, but if you are going to a revolution, you should protect yourself.”
I went to ask Abdulrahman Elsayed, and he related a similar account. “I was in front of her, one metre away. This was after I saw her running with a man beside her. They stopped, maybe because someone blocked their way. We formed a human chain to protect her. Only young people, 10 or 15, all men. We surrounded her. People behind us were pushing and trying to grab her, someone might have touched her. I saw her top was uneven. There was a women and children’s tent (Tahrir sq. had become a campsite) and we tried to take her there, but we couldn’t because of the pressure. Someone had a taser and he held it high, making electric noises and threatening the attackers. He told them to move away. So we could go to the Museum’s military post and deliver her to the soldiers. Then we stood there blocking the people who tried to follow her. We brought her two doctors, first a young male, then an older female. The doctor and Lara were the only women around.”
(Read more
I have heard reports that corroborate this story from sources close to me.  It checks out, as it does internally. More than what can be said for other versions of the story, including the official. 

For the record, I am not saying Ms. Logan is responsible, although it would certainly be a ray of integrity were she to own up to it.  Or even maybe just tell us what really happened. 

 What a revolutionary concept.


Pardon me, I forgot not every Reader can access my mind. or visit me literally (*wink* to mr. suavite ---)

If A Mob Yells ‘Jewish Spy!’ and the MSM Is There, Do They Not Hear "Spy" Or Just Not Report It??
(Formerly titled "If A Mob Yells Jew! Jew! In A Cairo Square, Will Any MSM Hear It" emphasis mine -----ff)
Posted by Diana West Feb 19th 2011 
Why CBS kept mum for four days about the brutal sexual assault of network correspondent Lara Logan by a Tahrir Square mob on Feb. 11 we just don’t know.
Did Logan, flown out of Cairo by a network-chartered jet to a U.S. hospital hours after the attack, request secrecy as a brutalized victim?

Were news executives, or even Logan herself, concerned that the bombshell news of the assault, which took place almost exactly as Hosni Mubarak was relinquishing all powers, would detract from the “jubilant” crowd’s “democracy” drama? Such a news blackout is hard to imagine if, for example, a star correspondent had been similarly violated by a mob of tea party-goers at, say, a massive Glenn Beck rally — and particularly if other correspondents had previously suffered unprecedented assaults and threats from the same crowd. A keening outcry would have arisen from the heart of the MSM (mainstream media) against the mob, accompanied by a natural zeal to investigate cultural or other reasons for the brutality. Not excuses. And not disinterest.
But in this singular Logan case we’ve seen both. First, only after news queries indicated the story was breaking did CBS on Tuesday release a brief rap sheet on the Friday crime. We were told of Logan’s accidental separation from her crew in the crowd. The prolonged assault by over 200 people “whipped into a frenzy.” The rescue by a group of women and 20 soldiers. What CBS didn’t mention — what was later attributed to an unnamed network source — was that as the thugs assaulted the 39-year-old journalist and mother of two, they shouted, “Jew! Jew!” (Read more).

For instance even Susan Milligan from US News (Hardly a Muslim friendly person, had to admit ..)  "In Muslim Albania, I found that rebels who stopped to check us for weapons would barely touch me, although they would examine my male colleagues in a way that would make a TSA screener blush. As Muslims, they automatically recoiled at touching a strange woman  .. (I’d pull open my field vest to show I had no weapons, which was enough)"

"The Wall Street Journal cited an unnamed source as saying Logan, a married mother, was not raped, however, details regarding the exact nature of the assault remain unclear. ... Neither CBS nor Logan reported the crime to Egyptian authorities "      The Post Chronicle 

"The difference was Coopers attack and the arrest and assault on journalist at that time, supposedly came from pro Mubarak forces trying to squelch the uprising. Logan 's assault came at a time when .. the Egyptian people were jubilant and celebrating in the streets of Cairo"     Yahoo Associated Content

"It is unclear whether Friday's assault against Ms. Logan had political aims."     WSJ

I could fill up 3 more pages of these quotes but as Mike Rivero @ commented .. "This Logan story is a repeat the Jessica Lynch hoax used to help sell the Iraq war, only it turned out Jessica wasn’t such an innocent lady after all."  (Complete with pix of her) and I tend to agree with him.

Remember Katrina?  The reports that surfaced of gangs raping women openly? They were false too. Maybe somebody needs better porn.  Which reminds me, let us not forget who watches the most porn in America, i.e., what community standards really indicate -- that rank steaming lies such as the Lara Logan story can ruin lives, wreck careers (even if people admit they were wrong - par for the course in fucked up America), and land innocent people in jail (here's another example).  This could get someone killed. 

But only if those who know the truth stand silently by, and do nothing.

And the moral of this story is?

Be seeing you.


  1. Are you saying your sources indicate Logan was not attacked at all? I am curious on the information you have as I very much have wondered not 'what' happened to Lara Logan that evening but 'who.'

  2. Was she pushed? How did she provoke accusations of Israeli spy? Obviously with world media there she was not the only foreign female reporter, nor the lone blonde in the square. Protester emotions were running high, but anyone living in arab countries knows that groping is common (like in US, yes!) but violent assault- in public- unheard of. This struck me as bogus from the get-go. Logan is an opportunist not a reporter. Shame on CBS for retaining her and not hiring a legit female who has arab ancestry and at least knows the culture and region.

    PS Wouldnt suprise me if she were an Israeli spy- MSM dont honest reporters in unless they are jewish or espouse that line.

  3. For the record, Lara Logan is NOT jewish and is from South Africa. She has been a correspondent in many war zones throughout the world and just because she is an attractive blonde, she should get the credit for having the guts for daring to go into these hot spots, albeit sometimes not making the smartest decisions on where she is going to report from and putting herself in harm's way.

  4. I think Lara Logan was targeted. She was detained by Egyptian Army internal security services. Blindfolded and held for ~24 hours then deported. Of all the journalists who had trouble during Tahrir Revolution, her experience that way is unique. Other journalists got roughed up, but by plains-clothed Mubarak part-timers. If they ran into 'professional' thuggery, it was after that fact.

    Then she came back. I think that really, really pissed somebody off in security apparatus. She told everybody at Egypt Embassy she was going back to be on the all-clear. But of course that means she alerted security apparatus too, whether she meant to or not. That's the way Mubarak's regime worked you know? And so they knew where she was staying, who was with her, what she would be doing....I bet she was on surveillance after wheels-down in Cairo that fateful day. And I think she was going to get whacked whether Mubarak came down or not. So when he did, goons watching her then probably took their chance knowing it was last chance. So they made it count. I think that's why its all hush-hush as well. Mubarak's gone. Security apparatus he built is very much still intact - indeed Army runs show there now - and USA and Egypt are trying to let this one blow over to avoid international embarrasment of new interim regime, especially with Americans given propensity displayed by Rush and Beck and the like. Imagine if it came out rogue Army guy crashed and smashed poor beautiful Lara Logan with his buddies and friends on the south end of Tahrir? Bad TV. So it stays off TV, you know what I mean? That's way Egypt Army works yo, ask any Egyptian.

    As far as rogue security guy goes, he got his so-to-speak. But I bet he's getting his now. 9mm in the skull that is, shut him and make him go away...placate Americans and Logan to keep things under wraps yo. Just stinks but that's what I smell in all this. Creepy shit yo.

  5. Conjecture is just that - the rest is only advertising!

  6. This is a fat hot load. Temoris saw someone get dragged by him for about thirty seconds and never saw her again. The rest is a bunch of random stuff people posted on his Facebook.

  7. Gentle readers :

    this corroborates what i have also received from another source. if i tell you the gist of it (mob yelling "spy! Israeli spy!" and that it was male soldiers who made a ring around her) it would still only amount, technically, to hearsay (rank at that). I understand that.

    nonetheless, the fact that it corroborates this account -- which is a bit more than just she-got-dragged-by -- as well as the spy thing -- i thought that was important even if not yet bulletproof......

    .... enough sources even if only on such a level, thought you'd want to know about them *shrug* -- it is what it is. The word "shocking" in the original headline -- that was a dig, a nod to the rampant button-pushing that seems standard around the subject.

    and the not so gentle

  8. I am curious in your source female faust. According to your source, did Logan get messed up enough to actually need to go to hospital? Was she just getting roughed up or was it an honest-to-God beating?

    Another problem with MSM narrative I've noticed. A lot of the stories say what happened to Logan was around 1AM Saturday morning local time. But funnily enough these same reports account anecdotally her getting smashed up 'in the moments after Mubarek's stepping down.' But wasn't that in the early evening? There's lots of either sloppy reporting or sloppy papering over with this story. Weird event.

  9. For the record, the Temoris Grecko account is highly inaccurate and suspect. Not to mention the fact that he insinuates the the horrendous and antisemitic attack may not have taken place. Here is what a very highly respected Journalist said about Mr. Grecko's reporting:

  10. Here is a recent picture of her. She was a keynote speaker at the American University on March 10th.

  11. What is the point of this? It was stated on 2/15/11 that she was not raped. In the WSJ and the Washington Post. Is it Lara Logan's fault that people are complete morons (including you)? And CBS stated, "sexual assault." The Washington Post actually described her sexual assault pretty explicitly. 2/15/11. You're right! She wasn't raped! And she never said she was! A conspiracy against the morons of the world who read tabloid news.

    Temoris is not arguing that she was not sexually assaulted. He's extraordinarily ignorant and the only assault that he considers to be a sexual assault is a rape. She wasn't raped, so he does not consider what happened to her to be a sexual assault. That's why he is pissed off. That is the incredibly ignorant point of view that you are perpetuating Female Faust. Well, he's really pissed off because of the way the protesters were portrayed as rapists in the American tabloid media and he is taking it out on Lara Logan. I watched this entire insanity play out on Temoris's blog and you are taking his blog out of context by not printing the previous post about journalists being attacked in Tahrir, where he defends Logan. Before the sh** hit the fan, so to speak.

    And Temoris's two friends admit that she was probably sexually attacked. It's just the rape part that they disbelieve. As far as I am aware, "harassment" in Egypt is code word for what we in America would call sexual assault - an aggressive groping where men grab a woman's buttocks, breasts and crotch. And "touch" in Egypt also refers to groping. Temoris's friends: "Maybe someone harassed her" and "People behind us were pushing and trying to grab her, someone might have touched her. I saw her top was uneven." And neither of them actually witnessed the attack. The guy that made the chain did not enter this situation until the end of the attack.

    The "Jew" versus "Jewish spy" part of the post - that quote came from The New York Post originally, which is a complete sensationalist conservative rag. No one quoted it except other rags. So, quite a conspiracy! Some tabloid conservative rag stated that they were yelling "Jew." No real newspapers stated this. Do you not understand the differences between real newspapers, rags and tabloids? It's subtle, but real newspapers do require some fact and source checking.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. julia -- thank you for your comments, i am reconsidering my position.

  14. Please don't reconsider, and don't let her fans bash you down from the truth. Logan is a scheming, dishonest publicity hound who has stolen sympathy and attention from real sexual assault victims. By sending out an inflammatory PRESS RELEASE (who does that for a sex attack?!) she got the world thinking she was gang-raped, had her clothes ripped off, and was horribly injured in a sexual way.

    At worst, she was groped like dozens of other female journalists who didn't exaggerate their abuse and milk it for publicity. Why didn't Linsey Addario, whose story is much more credible, get a phone call from Obama? Because Addario told her story factually and reasonably, rather than hiding behind a vague, melodramatic press release.

    "Julia" (whom I suspect is a male fan of Logan, like all of the other bashers of her critics seem to be) wrote: "And Temoris's two friends admit that she was probably sexually attacked."

    This is ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. I have seen this comment with this exact wording, attributed to other names, usually men (it is probably the same person, probably a male fan), posted in response across the Internet to anything critical of Logan. IT IS INCORRECT. Grecko's sources did NOT say this. They simply conceded none of them saw her for the entire 20-30 minutes. What they did see was her being protected by a human chain, with all her clothes on, not obviously physically harmed or in great distress, being handed to MALE SOLDIERS for protection (not women, as her press release claimed).

    And Grecko and his friend (just because the person is a Facebook friend doesn't mean it's just some random nut who posted on Facebook!) saw her being jostled by the crowd, again not maked or getting her clothes ripped or in any way being harmed except for being pushed along.

    Most importantly, to date, not one single person EXCEPT those quoted by Grecko has borne witness to any attack on Logan. Ironically, Grecko and his sources are the only people who give any credence to her being hassled in any way. She claims a huge crowd surrounded her and she was attacked for 20 to 30 minutes -- yet there are NO WITNESSES to this incident except those who contradict her account.

    Given how Middle Eastern males are reported to treat women in crowds, it's certainly possible she was grabbed in some personal areas as she was shoved along. This is apparently quite common. It hasn't merited national attention or a presidential phone call for any other journalists. Yet Logan has become the poster girl for sexual assault due to her misleading press release. If she'd told the truth about what happened to her, there would have been no call from Obama, no sensational press coverage making her a household word. And unfortunately, her undeserved "survivor" status has silenced most of her feminist critics.

    As a feminist, I think CBS ought to fire her for this stunt. Well, and for being a crappy reporter in general.

  15. "Do you not understand the differences between real newspapers, rags and tabloids? It's subtle, but real newspapers do require some fact and source checking."

    Again, this (nasty) comment looks extremely familiar. And it is untrue. Newspapers and other media outlets simply repeated her press release. They made no claim of doing otherwise. There was no way to verify it, as Logan wasn't talking and there were no witnesses to quote. Does "Julia" (whom I'm pretty sure is really a guy) think there was some *secret* reporting done to verify Logan's story? Julia clearly has no idea of how journalism works.

    It certainly would be nice if reporters had probed Logan's story critically before repeating it, but there was no way to do so. When someone of her fame send out a *press release,* it is news, with or without corroboration. And there is none.

  16. I hope my earlier comment disappeared by accident. Anyway, I'll repeat the important part: Don't let Logan's (male) fans ("Julia" indeed) bash you down from the truth. Feminists need to stand up against this lying bimbo. Up with Linsey Addario; down with Lara Logan.

  17. Sheila -- thank you. your earlier comment was blocked for some reason by the google spam filter. thank you for your thorough attention as a Reader, thank you especially for taking the moment and giving a damn. very informative. i need to check everything so for right now am leaving the last update standing, but: right on. good to know that there was something behind my instincts. oh, and excellent rejoinder to the 'fact-checking' ad hominem, into which, though i thought it a target-rich environment, i felt it inappropriate to rip.

    thanks again for entering this fray. btw cool handle.

  18. Leave me out of your crap Sheila Tone. You are clueless and fail to see the big picture. That post of mine is from weeks ago and obviously has nothing to do with what you are talking about. That was an internal matter between me, this blog and Temoris's blog. I believe we all have the same goal - to find out the truth regarding this story, in order to kill the story and stop it from hurting people. Not to state the obvious, but conspiracy theory blogs and exaggerated and hateful rantings do not kill a story. Just attracts crazies. The reason my other post is so mean is because I see this blog as hindering that goal. And if that is your point, mission accomplished. And Temoris's blog, which actually downplays the attack, helps to kill the story, but I have an issue with downplaying someone's assault. It's not the truth - fact is, she really was assaulted. Which means, even though he was a witness and does appear to be telling the truth, his whole blog post can be thrown out just based on that discrepancy. And this is exactly what has happened to Temoris. (con't)

  19. I'm a new reader of your blog, and like most people I was outraged when I first read of this incident. I see that Sheila Tone is now commenting here. It was Sheila's articles at HitCoffee that got me thinking that maybe the MSM account was not so factual after all. Here's a recent article I found. It's thought provoking and makes for a good read, even if it is rather long. If anyone reads this, what do you make of it? It's definately a different perspective.

    A CBS and Murdoch Hoax? The “Sexual Assault” on Lara Logan

  20. She got an article in NYT today.

    If you're blocked from NYT directly, go to and search for this title and it will bring up the whole article:

    CBS Reporter Talks About Her Assault in Egypt

  21. Sheila Tone - touche! "She and Mr. Fager drafted a short statement that she had “suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating.”" So we were both wrong - it was both Logan AND CBS that wrote the sensationalized press statement. I had never even heard of Lara Logan before this story. I was just giving her the benefit of the doubt - that a woman would not exaggerate her own sexual assault. I was more concerned with that CBS press statement making a mockery of women by exaggerating a sexual assault. I was trying to just find out what really happened to end the story altogether, without hurting this Logan person in the process, just in case she really was sexually assaulted. And here she is exaggerating the assault with her own mouth.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. If you missed Lara's interview on 60 Minutes, you can view it here:

    I think she was very brave to give an interview on this, and since she has spoken, that's good enough for me. Let's put this thread to rest and hope that Lara can get on with her life. I for one wish her all the best.

  24. Anonymous at May 1, how about responding to the content of the post and thread instead of trying to weasel in an unsupported last word of blind fandom?

    The thread is about the strong evidence of Lara Logan's dishonesty. Her interview simply elaborated on her earlier claims, for which there are no witnesses in support and for which there are witnesses against. Her dishonesty hurts real sexual assault victims.

    If you think Logan's word is sacred, that's your business. Plenty of other people feel liars should suffer consequences. There is nothing brave about Logan's dishonesty or her self-aggrandizement, and that's what her interview and her press release were.

  25. And thanks to the earlier "Anonymous" for the support.

    Sorry to "Julia" if I unfairly lumped her in with the rabid male Logan fans who have been trolling across the Internet. I, too, cringe at the idea of women lying or exaggerating sexual assault. Credibility is so important with those claims -- often one's word is the only evidence a woman will have. The more women there are found to be lying about sexual assault, the less credible real victims will be.

    But in Lara Logan's case, there was a crowd of eyewitnesses, and she even claims cell phone photos were taken. If what she said happened, happened, there should be corroboration in support. Yet there isn't, and there are credible withesses against her account.

  26. Hey DC Dave: Great article, and I enjoyed the follow-up, too.

    I tried to comment, but you don't allow comments!

  27. If she had been dragged around naked and assaulted for 20 minutes, then there would be photos and videos of it.

  28. After reading all (yes really!) comments I have to say that after 11yrs of working and living in Egypt I know for a fact that western females are often harassed. This can vary from touching, groping to indeed rape. I was on Tahrir Square on many occasions and the fact that after dark one does not find any women there (foreign or domestic) says enough. There is an example on youtube where a Dutch tourist is dragged off by a crowd just around the corner of Tahrir. She is groped, half stripped and was taken away in an ambulance. If Lara Logan was separated from her crew it is highly likely she was stripped, groped and what not. It was no secret that large mobs of ex-convicts roamed about the celebrating people. I've seen women being 'consumed' by these crowds and as long as credible witnesses are not there it'll remain a mystery. End of story.

  29. Témoris Grecko is a douche bag who was only saw a few seconds of what happened and did not see the whole of the attack if he even saw that. If you look at why there are no images during this attack from the square at all for up to 3 hours during said attack and this being the biggest party of the week in the world with all the cell phones and such you must question why? Also if he is a photo journalist then why did he not capture any pictures of what he saw? With all the reported attacks since and even prior on women during the revolt and since you must take the thought into question what really did happen and why are they only giving us a small taste of the truth. Could it be that the american people might not want to give billions of dollars in relief to a country that treats women of all cultures like farm animals? Your approach is that of a high school student who is not so much at getting the truth as to spread the lies you have been told. Open your eyes and look at the key signs that point to.....

  30. Explain why she is naked in the liveleak video. Your sources are highly questionable. Watch the video. Naked and bloodied as she is moved to the police van. It happened.