INDIGNEZ-VOUS (translated)


A better English translation now exists, via Cryptome.  The original machine translation that used to be here is probably still available via Google Translate, provided you have the doubltess also still available original French.  The rights to one of these (which one is not made clear), as I have been politely informed, have been bought, and were infringed upon by this humble repost.

why are you downloading me?  please post a comment! 

To this I say 'fine.' Also I say "intitle [COLON] indignez [SPACE] intext [COLON OPENQUOTE] De [SPACE] Stéphane [SPACE] Hessel [PERIOD CLOSEQUOTE SPACE] filetype [COLON] pdf" and I try to say it slowly.   And then I say, "for the newer English translation visit Cryptome" -- "[DOT] org."

Links?  What links?

You may still want to refer back to an older inferior translation for the endnotes, absent in the newer translation.


I left the comments intact.


"You don't need hope to persevere."
Dutch Resistance, WWII

Be seeing you.

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  1. It is interesting that an old Resistance Fighter has come to the fore. It appears that the push towards global centralized power has reared it's ugly head again. Ism's are a bad thing. The threat today is Globalism and it's spear point is financial enslavement. May, I offer the works of Catherine Austin Fitts as a solution.

  2. Of course there's reason for hope! (as long as our hearts are beating)

    we will have the most beautiful society/planet once the storm is over. More Just and more Truthful, more Free and more Prosperous than ever before.

    Never fear :)

  3. I'm BF. Thanks for the translation. Needs an artist rather than a machine to give it more heart, but the soul is there. Eat the rich!

  4. Che without firearmsJanuary 11, 2011 at 5:31 AM

    I hope this can stir the yoof to rebel against more than just a rise in fees for eduindoctrination.
    read on
    tune in
    drop out

    love peace AND wisdom

  5. !!! Bastille will fall !!!

  6. Just beautiful.

    I posted a new Constitution for the US on my blog. If only people would "get it" ...

  7. Quartet Books have acquired the UK rights to Indignez Vous! (Be Indignant!) from the original French publishers.

    US rights have been sold to The Nation.

    Please remove this post immediately as it infringes on our copyright, as well as those of other rights holders.

    Quartet Books

  8. A Day of Rage is needed in America! Why should North Africa be the only ones leading social change?