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BP Pulls Out; Deepwater Drilling Quietly Resumes

a paraphrase of this Reuters article

BP plc is phasing out "Operation Deep Clean, " responsible for clean up operations on the Gulf Coast.  Eight months after the Deepwater Horizon exploded, melted for three days in a blue flame of natural gas hundreds of feet high, and sank, the US Coast Guard says with a straight face that only 30 miles of beach remain to be cleaned, from an original estimate of 928.   Still at it since the worst part of the disaster, 7.83% of the workforce and  26.32% of the clean up fleet will no doubt soon be retired.

Whether or not they were successful fell not within the scope of the Reuters article that I am paraphrasing for you, and so falls not within the scope of this.

Small Battle, Won Against Shell, To Make You Feel Better...

Although not about Deepwater drilling, Reuters' copywriters see fit to add this bit of information about Shell: A coalition of groups (unnamed) appealed to the US EPA, charging that the permits violate the Clean Air Act: the allow tons of contaminants from Shell's drill ships to pollute the Arctic environment.  Without these permits Shell cannot drill exploratory wells in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas.  The Appeals Board told the EPA to analyze the impact of nitrogen dioxide in particular on Native Alaskan Communities.  Reuters does not explore whether once this impact is assessed, business will or will not go on as usual.

...When You Read That War For Deepwater May Be Lost

Meanwhile, here's change you can't believe: the Obama administration has decided to 'grandfather in' 13 companies, allowing them to resume deepwater drilling "because they were in the middle of previously approved projects" when the Deepwater Horizon blew.

Active Platforms as of 2006. Source: Wikipedia
The moratorium to deepwater drilling ended in October, after which Reuters leads me to understand that the Obama administration has been under intense pressure from Gulf State leaders, Big Oil, and Republicans.  No word as to pressure from other parties, such as represent the environment or the people of the Gulf.  

Reuters lists these as the lucky thirteen:
 ATP Oil & Gas; BHP Billiton Petroleum; Chevron USA; Cobalt International Energy; ENI U.S. Operating Co. Inc.; Hess Corp.; Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Corp.; Marathon Oil Co.; Murphy Exploration & Production-USA; Noble Energy Inc.; Shell Offshore; Statoil USA; and Walter Oil & Gas Corp.

These companies may resume deepwater drilling without fear of any added regulatory or  environmental scrutiny.

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  1. People are hypnotized by TV and most who are not, follow those who are. They are DeVo.

  2. Could there be blooming a huge underwater supper volcano ? .. could released under water gasses from such a possibility, be causing such a massive count of fish kill ...About a dozen supervolcanoes exist on Earth; some are on land, while others lie at the bottom of the ocean. Those found on the seafloor are often referred to as large oceanic plateaus."

    Millions of fish found dead in Chesapeake Bay