Secret Plans for Domestic Military Crackdown Published by Mistake

I would have been skeptical too, upon reading such a headline -- had I not come across this absolute gem on Cryptome.

Sitting down? Why don't you get something to drink, make yourself comfortable, forget about going anywhere for a while. Smoke 'em
if you got 'em. Better yet, make sure there is room on your hard drive or server. Send off a few emails and tweets. This Indymedia scoop on the Military Industrial Complex is about as good -- and terrifying -- as it gets.

Secret 'Trigger'
& blueprint for
plan revealed

An Exclusive Twin Cities IndyMedia Scoop:

thanks to the internet archive --
indymedia scoop

Knowledge is power.

Be seeing you.

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Was the Bart Policewoman Who First Apprehended Oscar Grant... Mehserle's Girlfriend?

As I understand it, either she called for backup or was deemed to be in need of it not once but twice - the second cop to report for duty was Mehserle. Also as I understand it, the taser that she was waving in Grant face actually belonged to Mehserle. And last but not least, as I understand it, the Bart Police and the Media do NOT want news of this relationship widely known.

Isn't that interesting?

Here's a snapshot of the page I stumbled upon with my magickal research abilities (no I do not do Facebook, and if less of you did I wouldn't even be considering it):

Be seeing you.

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