Raining oil?

The indefatigable hero types at zerohedge, (93 y'all), have posted a bit on Russia Today's report on Oil Rain in Louisiana. Here's the vid: the comments, however, are priceless, so check them out too. There appears to be come doubt as to whether this actually is happenning, so if you live there, DOCUMENT IT PLEASE. Post it. Send it to me: I'll post it.

Black Gold From The Heavens: Oil Rain in Louisiana

Black Gold From The Heavens: Oil Rain In Louisiana?
posted by tyler durden in zerohedge

"It is literally raining oil" proclaims the narrator in this RT video, who observes what appear to be puddle of oil following a heavy rainfall in the Louisiana area. We have not received independent confirmation of this phenomenon elsewhere but this is very troubling, and certainly possible considering the amount of oil burned and washed ashore as part of the spill recovery effort.

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