Proof (at last) that Pope Hid Abuse

Ecce Signum.

Fifteen years ago, the man who ran the tentacle of the Vatican responsible for keeping abusive priests in line, the man who was one day to become the pope - Ratzinger - personally, specifically, and repeatedly blocked attempts to defrock a priest with a known history of sexually abusing minors. The Diocese wanted Rev. Stephen Kiesle removed. Ratzinger didn't; in his words, such an outcome would put "the good of the Catholic Church" at risk. This phrase is translated from the Latin original, in a letter, signed by Raztinger, that is part of years of correspondence between the Oakland Diocese and the Vatican specifically addressing the matter.

So now there is some proof.

What I want to know is:

  • will it do any good
  • will it prevent any more harm
  • will it even have an effect
  • will the next one be any better - that is, will the next Pope try, much less be able to, make up for the centuries of evil for which the Catholic Church is most assuredly guilty?


  • will it resolve enough of this suspiciously sudden controversy, so that the Vatican will cease to continue to be eagerly used by a Main Stream Media, especially hungry right about now for fodder for its Distractus Ex Machina?
(Gentle Reader, have you seen that Wikileaks video yet?)

AP exclusive: so its a googlecache at link.

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