Was the Bart Policewoman Who First Apprehended Oscar Grant... Mehserle's Girlfriend?

As I understand it, either she called for backup or was deemed to be in need of it not once but twice - the second cop to report for duty was Mehserle. Also as I understand it, the taser that she was waving in Grant face actually belonged to Mehserle. And last but not least, as I understand it, the Bart Police and the Media do NOT want news of this relationship widely known.

Isn't that interesting?

Here's a snapshot of the page I stumbled upon with my magickal research abilities (no I do not do Facebook, and if less of you did I wouldn't even be considering it):

Be seeing you.

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  1. This relationship has been common knowledge for some time now to we who are following the case and organizing against police violence. It has been mentioned more than a few times in mainstream coverage as well.

    Individualizing and speculatively psychologizing an instance of a systemic brutality , one among many in a long line, only obscures and burdens the struggle at hand. Not to mention that indulging conspiratorial theorizing along with clliched narrative individualizing is juvenile; this drama and approach only gratifies ones own inclination to self-aggrandize and gossip knowingly..... y'know - dishonest wankery.

    - guess who

  2. Greetings. My name is Thandi Chimurenga and I am a freelance reporter who covered the case, sitting in the courtroom everday and hearing the testimony. The 'rumor' is that Marysol Domenici, the 2nd oficer who arrived on the BART platform, was the 'girlfriend' of Tony Pirone, the first officer on the platform who called for back-up. Pirone, Domenici and Mehserle all had tasers; Mehserle had borrowed his taser from other officers that night, not Domenici.