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The Full Text of my Response To OBAMA AGENDA: 81% favor body scanners.

Respectfully, a point seems to have eluded everyone who commented on this MSNBC article. The way this gem is worded, it seems to me that eighty percent preferred the scanners to the pat down. Would you rather be groped, or irradiated? ...If we assume for the sake of argument that they know what they are doing, the conclusion is obvious. We have a situation with an artificially restrictive set of options. That these are not the only options is not meant to be apparent, and one of the options is actually not viable for the overwhelming majority of intelligent citizens.

The new protocol was intended to force selection of the scanners:

They WANT us to hate the pat downs.

Previous comments had called our attention to the title, and it's implications : bravo I say : this sort of thing is insidious. WTF indeed with this "obama agenda?" What? By not calling it 'Obama's Agenda' they are effectively not even treating him like a real person. So if I take the headline at its word, I understand that my preference for future cancer over present public humiliation is intended, is part of my president's "agenda." It is implied this is common knowledge since this assumption is a priori to the very title and explained nowhere. WTF?!? WHAT?!?

Oh, yes, what was I thinking, this is MSMBC. I think I thought I was actually becoming informed -- researching -- learning about something -- but no, network quote news unquote had my attention instead -- and is even as we speak extracting and compiling. I am even this moment being datamined, reduced to a set of variables, no doubt to be sold on the open market.

BUSTED: Caught you red-handed, MSNBC, angling for that lucrative Fox demographic. Pandering to the increasingly common "Obama-nation" element, the crypto-racist, cerebrally-challenged, slogan-driven Brown Shirts concerned above all with the Security of the Homeland, and easily manipulable by this Fourth iteration of the Reich. You know, the people whose respect and favor is most quickly won by insulting their intelligence, pandering to their fears, Like a bad political ad. Patent lies that sound logical held together with emotional language and punctuated with the occasional ad hominem snarky quip: "BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. ----- Wrong on safety ----- Wrong on security ----- WRONG FOR AMERICA." No, dear MSNBC: you are in error. I am not part of the viewing audience.

I'm here because I read.

I haven't owned a TV in -- over a decade. And the fastest way to lose me, to lose all of us, is to pander to the worst of us. You've already lost the intelligent, the discerning, the cultured, the educated (even if by themselves), the cosmopolitan, and anyone with a brain or who ain't from here. You will lose what good-ol'-boys you gain once they catch onto what the Elite have in store for them. Just like the Brown Shirts. Under the bus.

Yes thats right -- --- and in the end I was supposed to blame Obama like all the other good little sheeple. And not for one of the real reasons I should be mad. Funny ain't it that ultimately the first Prez-of-Color, however articulate, happens to be

  • still in the upper class;
  • still for the upper class;
  • not for the common people at all,
  • seamlessly and tirelessly continuing (and better at) all of his predecessors policies
  • in charge, coincidentally of course, for the worst period ever for the US citizen -- ever...
  • in charge, and thus capable of being blamed -- for a period brought to y'all by both parties because they have become the same; a period NOT brought to y'all by Kennedy. Or FDR. Brought to y'all by, dare I say it, a certain conservative element....

Of course anyone who understands me probably already agrees; nonetheless I needed to take up my keyboard. There you have it. I wish us the best of luck, and fear we may need it.

Be seeing you.

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  1. my 2 cents - yes, the TSA thing is a crime from inception to present, but once the mass media focused on it, i have to wonder what they are really hiding. They may sacrifice this crime to take up air time to hide others. The way of the world we live in