More Dispersant Used Than Oil Spilled In Any Previous Accident

This just in.

Government’s Expert Witness: Over 42 million gallons of dispersant used during BP oil disaster

By oilflorida, from FloridaOilspillLaw, on July 14th, 2010: emphasis mine

Presidential oil spill commission urged to address dispersant issue promptly, New Orleans Times Picayune, July 13, 2010:

Christopher Reddy, an associate scientist of marine chemistry and geochemistry at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, said the use of surface dispersants is extremely typical and well understood to be safe, but some concern remains about their use in the sea’s depths. …

Reddy said he is also concerned about the total amount of dispersants used, which is unprecedented. He noted that 1 million barrels [42 million gallons] of dispersants have been applied to the Gulf of Mexico to fight this spill, more than the amount of oil spilled in any single accident prior to the BP disaster.

Reilly also said the dispersants’ unknown effect on fisheries is troublesome. “You know a lot of fishermen have very strong reservations about dispersants, that it hides the oil under the surface and makes it hard for the fish to avoid it,” Reilly said. “That’s what we found in Prince William Sound” after the 1989 Exxon Valdez tanker spill in Alaska, during Reilly’s time as EPA chief.

Another report in the Times Picayune restates the massive 42 million gallon figure:

Reddy said the total amount of dispersants used is unprecedented and cause for more study. He noted that 1 million barrels of dispersants have been applied to the Gulf of Mexico to fight this spill, more than the amount of oil spilled in any single accident prior to the BP disaster.

Previous reports have put the amount of dispersants used at between 1-2 million gallons (25,000-50,000 barrels).

Was the 1 million BARRELS an error by the Picayune?

The scientist noted the amount of dispersants applied to date are “more than the amount of oil spilled in any single accident prior to the BP disaster”. The Exxon Valdez released at least 10 million gallons (approximately 250,000 barrels) of crude oil. The widely reported 1-2 million gallon dispersant figure is no where near the 10 million gallons spilled during the Valdez.

Ruptures blood cells. Allows the oil to penetrate the system more deeply. Rectal bleeding. The dispersant is part anti-freeze.

They are also spreading bleach (hcl) to hide the extent of the spill. Which is itself killing animals. And is illegal -- they're doing it by night, from aircraft flying with lights off, according to Wayne madsen. He also notes a white mucous like substance was found in the gulf - not from spill -- from coral. they secrete it when they are in distress.

May take "50 to 100 years" for gulf to recover.

I feel like crying a lot lately.

I'll flesh out links soon as I can, but in case I don't, google -- am too sad. thought I should post this. Am trying to figure out a way to help people move if they want help.

Be seeing you.


Anonymous said...

Tony Hayward and all persons responsible must be executed forthwith.

Anonymous said...

I'm no expert but instinctively I KNOW dispersant is killing everything! Unlike educated scientists, I don't need to wait see. This is eco-genocide. And because of wind and the process of clouds drawing up water from ocean to disperse it everywhere, my common sense tells me people are going to die living near the coast and beyond. I respect science but questioning what dispersant may do to life seems like a no-brainer. It's like questioning whether dying baby dolphins are crying because they feel pain. If one must ask, one has lost the ability to feel and think critically.

I too am in mourning because although people can relocate and be retrained for jobs, precious wildlife and their eco homes will probably be lost forever. We mourn because instinctively we know all life is connected.

a female Faust said...

Anon "I'm no expert but": yes... yes. but lately i have been trying to remember -- there is still the matter at hand -- i may feel helpless at the plight of the wildlife, and i do. this is a nightmare. but from what i understand there are many many people, living in the gulf, who feel trapped: perhaps there is something i can do to help --- before its down to FEMA. i have asked around shelters and such here -- it seems difficult -- and any money i am told would be federal in origin. but i am not giving up.

giving up is even more hellish.

this is why i can't fucking believe tony motherfucking hayward's sheer unmitigated disregard for the reality of the situation in that interview i posted.... when i first read it i wanted to vomit --

i may be in mourning but i know i don't even comprehend the beginning of it. God help us.

Anonymous said...

Soon all the birds from the north will be migrating so this area. What do they do when they get here?

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