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Gulf Oil Disaster: Is The Loop Current Breaking Down?

If true, this could be bad news for the thermohaline, i.e., Europe's ticket out of freezing. For starters.



by Gianluigi Zangari

Frascati National Laboratories (LNF) -
National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) Frascati 00044,
Via E. Fermi, 40, ITALY.

Correspondence to:
Gianluigi Zangari

Abstract: BP Oil Spill may cause an irreparable damage

to the Gulf Stream global climate thermoregulation activity.

The Gulf Stream importance in the global climate thermoregulation processes

is well assessed. The latest real time satellite (Jason, Topex/Poseidon, Geosat

Follow-On, ERS-2, Envisat) data maps of May-June 2010 processed by CCAR1,2

(Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research), checked at Frascati

Laboratories by the means of the SHT congruent calculus3 and compared with

past years data, show for the first time a direct evidence of the rapid breaking

of the Loop Current, a warm ocean current, crucial part of the Gulf Stream.

As displayed both by the sea surface velocity maps and the sea surface height

maps, the Loop Current broke down for the first time around May 18th and

generated a clock wise eddy, which is still active (see Fig. 1).

Figure 1| Real time satellites data maps. Real time sea surface height maps (above) and sea surface velocity maps (below) starting from april 22nd until June 9th processed by CCAR1,2 and checked at LNF (Frascati) by SHT calculus3. The star indicates the site of BP platform “Deepwater Horizon”. The yellow arrow indicates the breaking of the Loop Stream.

As of today the situation has deteriorated up to the point in which the eddy has

detached itself completely from the main stream therefore destroying

completely the Loop Current, as in figure 2 below, dated June 12th 2010.

Figure 2| Real time satellites data maps updated. Real time sea surface height map (left) and sea surface velocity maps (right) updated on June 12th processed by CCAR1,2 and checked at LNF (Frascati) by SHT calculus3. The star indicates the site of BP platform “Deepwater Horizon”. The yellow arrow indicates the breaking of the Loop Stream.

Since comparative analysis with past satellite data until may 2010 didn’t show

relevant anomalies, it might be therefore plausible to correlate the breaking of

the Loop Current with the biochemical and physical action of the BP Oil Spill on

the Gulf Stream.

It is reasonable to foresee the threat that the breaking of a crucial warm

stream as the Loop Current may generate a chain reaction of unpredictable

critical phenomena and instabilities due to strong non linearities which may

have serious consequences on the dynamics of the Gulf Stream thermo-

regulation activity of the Global Climate.


1. CCAR web page:;

2. Leben, R. R., G. H. Born, B. R. Engebreth, 2002, Operational altimeter data processing for mesoscale monitoring. Marine Geodesy, 25, 3-18;

3. G. Zangari patent SIAE-OLAF n. 9903198/1999


We acknowledge Frascati National Laboratories ( and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (

We also aknowledge the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA: the maps displayed in Fig. 1 and 2 were produced by the Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. More information on these data products is available at

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Be seeing you.

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  1. Nice. As if a tiny hole in the sea floor could poison the entire atmosphere of the Earth and/or change it irrevocably. I guess if we hurry up and start paying our Carbon Credits, it can be repaired. Yeah, uh-huh. Tell me the story of Humpty Dumpty. I like that one better. ;)

  2. Does the butterfly fluttering its wings half way around the world have any correlation with the thunderstorm overhead?
    Innumerable variables, and quantum mechanics, have a go at it.

  3. I thought the significance of the thermohaline so called "conveyor belt" has already been debunked.

  4. I've been waiting for someone to pull up the science and proof of this and here it is! I had a sneaking suspicion that the real disaster was yet to unfold. BP and the US gov. have been lying continually about the "leak". "Tiny hole", my ass (which is actually a tine hole). The volcano spewing in the Gulf is NO tiny hole, unless you believe what you see and hear on TV. Double the gov. estimates and you'll probably be closer to the actual amount released - well over 300 million gallons. Certainly enough to effect the loop. Good luck world. We're gonna need it!

  5. what if this is the truth?
    (please notice that here, again, Matt Simmons estimates, based on NOAA findings, that over 5 million gallons are spewing- STILL!)

    and, of course we always have fatal heat waves going through the North East of the USA and snow storms in Argentina. There's nothing strange about it much less the enormous string of earthquake activity... weather as usual...

  6. P.S.
    the last two posting were by Rick. Let the conversations begin.

  7. rick -- thank you for the link -- we'll see -- i have to admit that i don't trust simmons -- one has to ask oneself why he is so vocal -- and i am a little uncomfortable with monocropping, i.e., it seems simmons is the only source for much of this data ....... one does not need to overplay this situation. its bad enough already...