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Gulf Crisis: Bad to Worse

This article is definitive, despite a small disagreement (noted in red).

From OpEdNews: Rob Kall - Writer

Sit down. Get ready. Your life has begun to change. It will never be the same again. This gulf disaster is changing everything. Call your legislators. Tell them that they are now on notice. There are the constituents and there are planet killing corporations, ready to wipe out life on the planet for a profit. Those legislators have to choose whose side they are on. No more bullshit. No more lobbyists getting favors. This is not life or death.

Here's the latest report I just received from my contact inside BP:

Ok, here's the deal.

Size of reservoir - estimated by BP and its partner, Andarko to be between 2.5B and 10B bbl. (that's 100,000,000,000 gallons and 400,000,000,000 gallons.

Yes - all of those numbers are BILLIONS.

BP has admitted in at least 3 interviews that the well casing is compromised (broken). So, when they tried the Top Kill - and then the Junk Shot - the stuff shot out the sides and didn't go much down the hole. A REAL top kill should just take a few hours - or it's not going to ever work.

The casing was undoubtedly broken apart by the natural gas 'explosion' at the bottom of the well, which was the result of methane coming out of solution (ie. the methane hydrates melting and expanding dramatically). Much like when your washer's water line has air in it and you shut off the valve and the line 'hammers', the well 'hammered' when the BOP shut (the guess is 80%), and the dramatic upshot in pressure, as well as the acoustic shockwave, broke the casing.

The Question of the Day is: Did the explosion rupture the casing for its entire length?

If that is so, then a relief well will be unable to plug the hole. TEN relief wells would be unable to plug the hole.

The consensus seems to be, among oil people I've spoken with, that this is exactly the case.

If that's so, then the well will run until Obama nukes it. That is the only thing that could close it.

If they can't plug it via the relief wells, and if they don't nuke it (it can't be conventional explosives, for a few reasons), then about 1/2 of the oil and gas will run out. That would be 50 BILLION to 200 BILLION gallons of oil, over a 10 year period. Although, like the interest you pay on a house note, the biggest part would be up-front.

[Editor's note: A nuclear device may very well NOT be successful under those conditions. Yes, it will fuse the seafloor, a sphere of glass -- whose inner environment will essentially be a vacuum. This will shatter with the undersea pressures to which it will be subject. Even if the fused sand does not contain volume, but rather is bowl- or dish- or ball-shaped, the area is extremely seismically active, and this must betaken into account. Any info on this topic is appreciated.]

Another report I discovered yesterday, can't remember where, is that there is so much methane coming out of the gulf gusher that it equals what New York City produces in a day. That methane is 25 to 100 times more deleterious than CO2 as a greenhouse gas aggravating global warming.

We need to start thinking about a black gulf that is dead, that oil and other toxins are leaking to other oceans. What will our world, our nation, the human race, life on this planet look like if all the seas die?

We need to start thinking really hard about re-localization, transition towns-- the kinds of things Bill McKibben, Lester R. Brown and Rob Hopkins have been writing about. Plant a vegetable garden in your back yard, in a local garden, on your balcony. Connect with a local food coop or CSA (community supported agriculture.) The world is going to change.

We need to take a Apollo, moon landing technology approach to what is happening in the gulf. We need big ideas and solutions because there are other deep water wells out there waiting to become catastrophes. Joe Trippi said it well, responding to Obama's speech Tuesday night:

The president could have told the American people that it is clear that we had the technology to drill a hole in the ocean floor 1 mile beneath the surface.

Then, he should have leveled with us and said that it is just as unclear, right now, how we can put the technology in place to shut it down quickly after the tragic explosion.

Just as we were able to bring Apollo 13 back to earth safely, we will shut this well down, the president could have assured us.

We need to take a WWII approach to low tech temporary interventions, like building 10,000 skimmers that can be rigged to existing boats. We need to figure out ways to use trawlers to drag booms that absorb oil through those massive curtains of oil, so they can be cleaned up deep in the ocean.

Obama still does not get the immensity of the problem. He needs to imagine 1.25 to 5 BILLION barrels-- 50 billion to 210 billion gallons of oil-- spewing into the gulf rounding the keys, despoiling the Caribbean, riding the Gulf Current up the eastern seaboard, jumping over to Europe....

Forget about Iraq and Afghanistan and the hundreds of other military bases we have. We need to apply all our military resources to the massive disaster we have at home.

Tell the bastards in the military industrial medical complex that there's a new way they're going to have to make money-- healing the gulf, healing the gulf workers, preventing our oil plague from killing the planet.

My source tells me that BP has underground resources of 500 billion barrels of oil-- at $70 a barrel that's $35 Trillion dollars. Other oil companies have similar holdings. We need to start talking about tapping them for a trillion dollar budget, not a piddling $20 billion escrow account. Don't get me wrong. That account was a first step.

But we need Boeing and Raytheon and General Motors and Ford and our biggest most advanced companies focused on what is happening in the gulf. We need to get ideas and suggestions cranked up even more. Humanity has incredible wisdom and creativity. We need to tap it and work it, like never before, fast and furious.

We need-- Obama needs-- to face the reality that fishing and shrimping in the Gulf and probably Florida are over for years to come. Eating ocean fish may soon be over.

Obama needs to call a meeting of world leaders to face this INTERNATIONAL crisis.

Obama needs to, and I've said it before, fire the advisers who let him get this far doing so little, addressing this in so many wrong ways. This IS like a war, but secrecy is not called for, necessary or appropriate. We are all in this together. The enemy is the oil and maybe the corporations, and for them transparency is their enemy.

Obama needs to rise a lot higher and find his higher self and become a true visionary leader. That probably means cutting the tethers held by the political hacks who he has surrounded himself with. We need a great president NOW, not some compromising, making deals with corporations manager. I believe Obama has it in him, but he must throw off the slugs and maggots and reptiles and leeches who are bringing him down. He needs to think of his wife and children and the rest of us, not corporations.

We may need to totally revamp the military. We need people likeLt.Gen. Russel L. Honoré of the Army who was appointed to oversee the Katrina recovery.

The hotter water caused by the black and red coloration will lead to more violent weather and hurricane activity. The release of billions of gallons of methane will speed global warming and exacerbate climate change.

I told a friend about this last night. He said, "so, the house my sister and her husband just bought for $1.2 million on the west coast of Florida might drop in value?"

Ouch. You betcha.

There is talk of the US government taking over BP. Since it's an international company, that may not be possible, but certainly, BP's assets in the US are takable. Surely BP has broken any agreement to operate responsibly.

And then there's that matter of criminality-- 11 dead, millions damaged. Why didn't our hapless incompetent in the justice department AG Eric Holder arrest the BP execs after they left the meeting with Obama. Maybe that would be premature, but it should be in the works.

And let's not forget all those British pensioners who are not going to be getting their dividend checks for the rest of the year. Maybe ALL investors will learn not to invest in criminal, anti life, anti-earth, ant-human corporations anymore.

It is likely that a number of the previously endangered species in the gulf will die off.

The sequellae of this disaster are just beginning to become visible on the horizon. The Christian Right has been praying for the end times. Who knew that the beast would be BP and the American addiction to oil?

I thought this article so good, in fact, that I enabled email reposts so you could help proliferate the message. It was, in fact, one of the inspirations for my recent magickal working (yes, a Faustus is as a Faustus does -- I would have written that phrase in latin, but unfortunately the grammar escapes me -- is there a Latin scholar in the house?). I am sure this is a consequence the author will find not wholly unwelcome, and perhaps not even misguided, were he to but consider it.

Be seeing you.

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  1. Obama is the right man for the job.
    The job is destroying the USA.


  3. ADJ 1 1 NOM S M POS
    faustus, fausta, faustum ADJ [XXXDX] lesser
    favorable; auspicious; lucky, prosperous;

  4. ah, but the latin for Faustus is as Faustus does?

  5. The citizens of this nation lose rights by the handful each and every day, not even to mention....

    -Trillions for WAR
    -Trillions for Wall Street
    -Billions for Israel
    -ZERO for the US populace.

    The American people, for all of their flaws and strengths, are doomed for the next several generations. If the US people do not finally stand up in all out REVOLT, then we deserve each and every thing that is done upon us by the power brokering elite.

  6. HA!, lets vote for Obama because he's black, yeah the greatest reason in the world for the greatest fools in the world, wake up people this is a SERIOUS threat, nor will it end soon

  7. Faustus est ut Faustus does

    Regards, Isaac, Mentaljudo.

    Keep up the good work, ...the positive path.

  8. This long screed is useless and totally misses the point. Does this writer really believe that the PTB did not know or plan this out? The ramifications of this disaster were SPELLED out over 100 years ago, and the dangers WELL KNOWN throughout the entire industry, as well as the geophysical hazard of tapping into an underground mud volcano that also spews oil? (Why are the slicks RED??)

    The Illuminati already has all the power and $$ they want. Now what they want is DEPOPULATION. That is why NOTHING substantive is being done to solve this urgent catastrophe.

    The writer is utterly ignorant or cannot comprehend WHO she is dealing with, their intentions behind the gusher, or what these perps are about.

    Mass vigilante justice against the corp CEOs/fascists is what is required, because the well designed false flag is now unstoppable- as NWO intended. This thing is not meant to stop till its wiped out the maximum number of people possible.

  9. Dear Pres. "Buckwheat", Please freeze all assets of world wide BP efffective on the date of the accident.Sequester all BP revenues in their existing bank accounts. Only money to be paid out must go to victims of the disaster and to support recovery and ongoing BP production operations. (Forever?)Funds now being spent on war can be used to supply "smart bombs and drones to target noncomplying BP banks. Thanks son of BuckFush.

  10. A disaster like this could not have happened to a more deserving country or people. The US has killed, maimed, polluted, corrupted and destroyed environments all over the globe in pursuit of transient profits and now we act surprised and outraged when the same thing happens to us.

  11. Mr. Anonymous, you forgot that,


    I hate america for killing innocent people in the name of SECURITY and still to be found weapons of mass destruction.

  12. Thanks for this updated post. I have also written 2 posts about the gulf. one stating 12 facts about it and another says what we can do to help the affected wildlife.

    Best wishes

  13. Americans appear to have been "calling their legislators" for a long time and things just get worse and worse. Maybe the problem lies in the fact that you only "call" them?

  14. You're kinda missing the point. I'm sure he knows this. More importantly the banking and royal elite know this. They'll be fine, they usually are. But this is just a way to pull off that population reduction thing they've all been talking about. Stop looking at the old paradigm and start thinking about basic survival. time grows short....and you better believe it!

  15. Mitchell:

    You're obviously a BP / Fed agent working for the Controllers of this Planet. Controllers that have such virulent hatred towards Human Beings, that they're will to continue the depopulation-...this time, faster.

    It's obvious, that BP /Non-Humans already began this depopulation of ALL Life in this Planet.

    But you wnat it faster, by nuking the well.

    Now, the Public doesn't really know, what is under there. Only BP/Feds. And they're NOT telling.

    A lot of scientists say, this is a new volcano coming up.

    It's obvious, yes, that there's something strange down there, since crued is black and liquid, while this muck is brown-red and thick.

    Also, there's the release of methane, which is product of volcanoes.

    The scientiests/whistleblowers, also say, the Gulf bed is fragile - there's nothing supporting it, and any further tampering will cause it to cave.

    In the scenario of a volcano,

    -1 a nucler bomb hitting the volcano, will cause it to erupt and/or release a mushroom cloud into the atmosphere.

    -2 If no volcano, still the Gulf bed will cave,

    And at the end, the nuclear radiation will be spread through the waterway, water being fluid (waves/currents).

    You do know that the Gulf Stream is not called the GUlf Stream for nothing, right?

    The Gulft Stream runs down to the bottom tip of Florida, slits in half, the main current going across the Atlantic - the subcurrent going up the East Coast of the U.S.

    So, Mitchell, as if we didn't have enough prblems, we've have two now, to finish Humanity off faster.

    Keep your suggestions to yourself. The ptb don't need more pushing.

    I intend to live and for my family to live and thrive.

  16. The Gulf states are done. No industry no water no livelihood. 40 million people will need to move somewhere to school to work to live. If they're allowed to leave that is. How will destination states deal with that? Add the Eastern Seaboard states if the oil gets so far. This is going to be like nothing we've ever seen before, ever. And that's the best case scenario. That's already a given. Worst case is the seafloor collapses and that fault splits right to the great Lakes. I imagine reality will be somewhere in the middle. GHW Bush's deregulation caused this. That's where it began. And you have a nigger for a president. I don't mean black and it could mean white too, I don't mean skin color, I mean slave to his masters nigger.

  17. The congress has already chosen sides ... it's with the corporations. They don't give a damn about the people.

  18. Growing your own food in a garden is all well and good as long as the rain and soil haven't been made toxic by the fallout from this mess. I'm in San Antonio, and I dread what toxins TS Alex will bring to my garden with its rain bands.

    Where can we go to escape this mess? Colorado? Utah? If the plates become too unstable, perhaps even Yellowstone will erupt. Then even those beautiful states will be in danger.

    I agree with anonymous that if any nation deserves such harsh judgment it is the US for all of the destruction we've unleashed on the world in recent decades. But I'm afraid that much more than the US will suffer from this event.

    Truly the US government serves the corporations and not the US public. The President and Congress don't care if their constituents live or die. All they care about is their money and power.

    We bear witness to great destruction.

  19. Yes, this is a depopulation act by the sociopathic eugenists. NOTHING is being done to quell this catastrophe. The NWO is having its way and the sheeple continue to watch the lies by the MSM and say nothing!

  20. We are witnessing an environmental disaster of unimaginable proportions and the contaminants in the gushing oil will adversely affect gulf area organisms all the way down to the molecular genetic level for thousands of years. No doubt about it, Obama and his handlers understood this early on which is why the media gray-out started on day one.

    For at least the last four decades, the global elite have been formulating their path for further centralization of power and wealth in preparation for the end of the world's industrial era. From the perspective of TPB, we are entering the expected denouement. From the perspective of the "little people", it is high time for a shift towards decentralization and transparency.