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Sudden Mystery Blight Kills Crops Indescriminately In South

U h-oh. I have a very bad feeling about this....

Note -- dead birds as well --

Will update.

Be seeing you.

UPDATE - from ---

Death Rain? Blackberry Plants

Dying In Panama City, FL

author [supposedly] unknown

Last Edited on 6/15/2010 at 5:52 PM

I have black berries here at my home.

Let me go out there and see if the same thing is happening...

Here are some shots of my blackberries...



But her or his figs are fine. So I don't think its the same - but -

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  1. Probably related to the 3.4ppm benzene and 1.2ppm H2S now found in the air.

  2. Actually thinking about it now, the benzene levels probably need to be way higher than 3.4ppm to cause this. Someone needs to go down there and sample the air.

    It's obviously BP-related contaminated air or BP-related contaminated precipitation. The question is really "what chemical is responsible?"

  3. They are bsing us about the type of 2-B, there are many different kinds. It stays in suspension in liquids. That's why it's a dispersant, among other things. there are some complex chemical changes taking place with this stuff at 5k'.....

  4. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced this is somehow related to the 2-B in the Corexit 9500 -- the 'dispersant' BP is spraying with reckless abandon, toxic at ~2.6ppm. I don't think even benzene is toxic enough to kill plants hundreds of miles inland. It's got to be something else.

    Perhaps the 2-B (2-Butoxyethanol, part of the dispersant) coming down in precipitation or it has become vapor airborne.

    Incidentally, 2-B is apparently the active ingredient in Monsanto's "Roundup" pesticide, and specifically what their Terminator seeds have been genetically engineered to resist. So the bit of good news in all this is that Monsanto genetic engineered seed varieties will be just fine, while the natural crops die. *rolls eyes*

    So if 2-B is airborne or is in the rain, it is basically like raining weedkiller.