Worker: BP Cleanup Just For Show

This woman quit because the cleanup was merely cosmetic, afraid that by the time the "real cleanup begins" there will be no money left. She also states that workers were no allowed too talk to media, despite their work conditions being dictated – and made more dangerous – by BP management opinions about the way they looked to outside observers. In addition to her citing the curtailing of their access to shade, I would add BP's ongoing ban on respirators and other protective equipment. News

Be seeing you.


Anonymous said...

Continue to be over run by Latinos in the Southwest. Polluted and poisoned in the Southeast. Israeli companies are completely interwoven with our military, thus mitigating any planning of coup.. still can be successful if few actors are involved. Still much work to be done to fully destroy America for George Soros's vision for a global government.

Anonymous said...

BP continues to be pathologically inept. I really hope the American people stick it to them. But then again their own government has been sticking it to them longer. I love the guy with the shovel. It's like he's daintily picking up pieces of cat shit. The whole effort is one big waste of time. BP should be hanging from the gallows by now, but American politicians have no balls when it come to doing the right thing; either that or they are totally demented...

Anonymous said...

What the hell do the flying saucers think of this stupid monkey civilization?

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