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Hitler's Anti-Piracy Rant (a parody) to be removed from Youtube for -- copyright violation?!?

Oh this is the best one yet...

if you need an intro, here's one -- from Freakbits -

In an attempt to protect their rights, Constantin Film has send out requests to take down all “Hitler rant” clips featuring a short clip from their movie Der Untergang.

Among the target clips is a brilliant parody of the DMCA takedown requests.

The maker of the DMCA parody has filed a dispute, arguing that his work is covered under fair use so for now it’s still online.

A must see.

Be seeing you.

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  1. I think this is actually the best of the parodies of this scene, and I've seen about 10^9 of them.

    Outstanding feature: subtitled dialogue reasonably plausible to a non-speaker of German (or someone who doesn't speak it well enough to follow a rant in a thick regional dialect by a madman).

    Best moments: when he says "We might as well be Communists like Stallman"

    (where the actual words are, "I should have shot all the officers, like Stalin.")

    Stallman, of course, is one of the key developers of the original UNIX and key promoter of the open source movement. He's actually an extremely conservative libertarian and admirer of Ayn Rand, not a Communist. This is no guarantee against being called a Communist, but still...