Polish Blogger, Pilot, Doubt Official Crash Story

Prezydent zamordowany? (President assassinated?)

April 11, 2010

from szczecinwip (Polish blog) by Zbigniew P. Majzner

Translated by Google

Statement of Richard Drozdowicz Aerodynamic Laboratory University of Technology (ZUT):

. As a pilot, I think in the media suggested pilot error is unlikely. ... It is unlikely that an experienced pilot with another pilot confused as to the visual assessment of height, even in the event of failure of equipment, which is also unlikely. It should be noted that the fog is generally clearances in daylight and does not constitute a major barrier to the visual assessment of the conditions for landing. Circumstances, however, point to a major accident or intentional blocking of the control system. Such a blockade may be intentionally installed so that it launched at a release from the chassis or flaps on the line immediately before landing. When locking flaps or ailerons on a straight disaster was inevitable, because even the pilot suddenly raising sequence, was not able to derive strong tilting heavy machinery, with height of 50-100 m and data rate around 260 km / h.

Source: naszdziennik.pl

Many foreign Web sites during the warm relationship with the site and reported about this that "the Polish president was killed."

For example, a journalist in an interview with CNN correspondent used the word "kill" - which means dead, not 'die' or dead. Could be regarded as a slip of the journalist, but also part of the German Internet portals and television including N24 N24 in its relations reported that the Polish head of state was killed... This information was given on the main information bar.

Source: naszdziennik.pl

Of course, the government's case on board the Tupolev was no more important member of the government of Prime Minister Tusk, nor any more important policy of the PO and PSL. Of course, the case is that the death of the president, the most important people and President of the Law and Justice IPN PO solves problems, and Komorowski most serious competitor loses the presidential election. It is a coincidence that Komorowski acting president of the Republic of Poland did not veto any law probably OP. Komorowski also indicates the new President of the NBP, which is probably the Polish zloty will no longer be defended ... It is also by chance that killed the entire leadership of the Polish Army, and appoint a new commander, Marshal ... Of course, in no way suggesting that we had to do with the coup d'état.

Is fecit, cui prodest.


The crash effectively decapitated the military. The same military so favorable to the US, it was only recently willing to host US missiles?

Be Seeing You.

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