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VIDEO SATIRE : Obama Rejects the Narrow, Dogmatic Views of the Jedi

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The Presidents Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech is one of the great sins of his presidency. He posited an essentially warlike nature to man not borne out by science. For a person who frequently cites King and Gandhi, President Obama showed a stunning ignorance of history and of nonviolent struggle. His self-justifying redefinition of the dreams of King and Gandhi were offensive and dishonest. His words will be used to discount and delay the expansion of nonviolent struggle as a replacement for military conflict in international affairs. Read more here.

This video uses clips from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (20th Century Fox) to dramatize the hypocrisy and amorality of the President's reasoning during his lecture.

Well done.  I would say this is Art.  Thank you, DerrickCCrowe. 

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