Johanna Faust, a mixed race Jew, prefers to publish pseudonymously. She is committed: to preventing war, ecological disaster, and nuclear apocalypse; to keeping information available and free; and to not only fighting for personal privacy, but, by representing herself as a soldier in that fight, to exhorting others to do the same. All these efforts find representation on her blog "ah, Mephistophelis," so named after the last line of Chirstopher Marlowe's in his famous Dr. Faustus, which, as some would have it, successfully flouted the censor for a time. A female Faust, she is a poet, always.

Propaganda Primer

Propaganda Part I:
What Orwell Did and Didn't Know

Video stream (Fora)※※Audio stream

Propaganda Part II:
Deceiving Images: The Science of Manipulation

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Part III: Solutions:
The Future Political Landscape

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Each session will explore the past, present, and future of deceptive political speech, and assess what can be done to bring more realism and honesty into the conduct of America?s public affairs.

This event is co-sponsored by the Open Society Institute.

all media made available by, and downloadable from, the New York Public Library at respective title link


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