Q: How Many Former Leaders Of Japan Are Now Members Of The Anti-Nuclear Movement?

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Akihito, and Former Prime Ministers Morihiro Hosokawa, Junichirō Koizumi, and Naoto Kan.

Japan in Uproar Over Censorship of Emperor's Anti-Nuclear Speech :
Why did Japanese TV channels cut Emperor Akihito's address on the one-year anniversary of the Fukushima crisis?
There is a particularly sensitive accusation reverberating through online discussion boards and social media in Japan: that Emperor Akihito's speech on the one year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami was censored on TV for his comments about the nuclear disaster at Fukushima.
The 78-year-old Emperor Akihito had insisted on attending the memorial service, though he had been released from the hospital for heart bypass surgery less than a week earlier. While the emperor is technically just a figurehead, he is still deeply revered here. Many Japanese see him a source of guidance in times of political difficulty, which have been many in the last 20 years. His speech was highly anticipated. Unlike Prime Minister Noda, who never mentioned the nuclear crisis in his speech on the anniversary, the Emperor addressed it directly.

As this earthquake and tsunami caused the nuclear power plant accident, those living in areas designated as the danger zone lost their homes and livelihoods and had to leave the places they used to live. In order for them to live there again safely, we have to overcome the problem of radioactive contamination, which is a formidable task.

While this statement may seem more obvious than radical to outsiders, underneath the Imperial-grade Japanese understatement were two ideas that have become quietly explosive. First, he seemed to suggest that the nuclear crisis is not over, a "formidable task" yet to be overcome. This noticeably contradicts the government's official stance that Fukushima has achieved a cold shutdown and, for all practical purposes, the crisis is over.  Second, it implies that it is not yet safe for people to return to areas stricken with high levels of radiation, at least not before the "formidable task" is "overcome." This, again, contradicts the government's position that it is now safe for people to return to almost all areas and that neither Tokyo Electric Power Company nor the national government are obliged to assist in long term evacuations.

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Hosokawa eyes no nukes by 2020  
-- The Japan Times

Former Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa will pledge in his campaign for the Feb. 9 Tokyo gubernatorial election to set out a road map for Japan to break with nuclear power generation by 2020, according to a close aide.

“By making 2020 his target year, he will change Tokyo and Japan, with the focus on a complete end to nuclear energy,” Shusei Tanaka, who was a special adviser to Hosokawa during his 1993-1994 prime ministership, said Friday in an interview.

With Tokyo slated to host the Olympics in 2020, Hosokawa, if elected, will “present (the road map) at the Olympics as an example” to the international community, Tanaka said.

Also in the event of a Hosokawa victory, “Japan will never be able to restart nuclear reactors,” Tanaka said, adding, “No restart of reactors means ‘zero’ nuclear power generation.”

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Japan: Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s call for a “zero nuclear” policy
-- Europe Solidaire Sans Frontieres
Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s call for a “zero nuclear” policy has been causing a stir among lawmakers and top government officials.

The opposition camp has been buoyed by Koizumi’s recent remarks calling for the government to phase out nuclear power generation. Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Tadatomo Yoshida held talks with Koizumi in Tokyo on Oct. 29. At the meeting, Yoshida and Koizumi agreed on the importance of eliminating the use of nuclear power. Koizumi, however, rejected the SDP’s call for him to ally with the opposition party in pushing for a nuclear phase-out. The ruling camp is poised to take a wait-and-see stance as it supports Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government, which places a policy of maintaining nuclear power generation as a pillar of its growth strategy. Such being the case, Koizumi’s “zero nuclear” remarks have so far remained only as a “ripple.”
“The government can make a political decision toward a nuclear phase-out by changing public opinion,” Koizumi said during the meeting for about 45 minutes with Yoshida at a think tank, to which Koizumi himself serves as adviser. Koizumi vowed to continue to make remarks calling for Japan to eliminate the use of nuclear powe

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Former Japanese PM Naoto Kan: 'Fukushima radically changed my perspective'  -- DW.com

Prior to the Fukushima disaster, many Japanese believed that nuclear energy was inexpensive and safe. But since the accident, it's become clear that nuclear power plants are dangerous and the cost of running them is high compared to other forms of energy. This realization should have led the country to abandon nuclear power.

However, the industry has not been willing to give up its existing privileges and profit margins. It therefore tries to influence politicians and the media by organizing campaigns in favor of nuclear energy.

Claims by the nuclear power lobbyists that atomic energy is cheaper than oil or natural gas are simply false

Although more than 50 percent of the Japanese population support phasing out nuclear energy, such a proposition still lacks the backing of a majority in the Japanese parliament. I want to change this and be at the forefront of efforts to curb the power of the nuclear lobby....

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Now if we could just get the truth to speak for itself....

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"Nuclear Safety In A Post Fukushima World" Symposium (&YouTube Context Weirdness)

From the YouTube Liner notes:

Published on Feb 8, 2016
Incidents at Fukushima, Three Mile Island and Chernobyl raise concerns about nuclear safety. Experts address the state of nuclear safety today along with radiation health effects, waste storage and the consequences of aging plants.

Moderator, Roger Witherspoon, freelance journalist


David Lochbaum, Union of Concerned Scientists
John Keeley, Nuclear Energy Institute
David Ropeik, Harvard University
Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear
Larry Criscione, nuclear industry whistleblower
Scott Burnell, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

For more information, please visit the conference website: http://muconf.missouri.edu/nuclearwor...

...And as a perhaps unintended bit of added entertainment:

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In Case You Thought The CDC Wouldn't Lie To You (Or, Why You Should Take Official Radiation Info With, Uh, Salt)

The Setup

Now, there I was doing a first pass at researching -- or rather, re-researching, checking up on a situation brought to my attention by a fellow blogger, concerning the cobalt-60 situation at Fukushima. High levels, possibly anomalous.  Ongoing detections, interenting in light of the short half-life of the element.  Perhaps cobalt-60 is created when the iron in the containment got hit with neutrons back when the explosions happened -- but that doesn't explain the ongoing problem with cobalt-60 at reactor number five. 

What was that?  Five?  That's right, number five, a reactor whose fuel has not suffered a meltdown -- so far -- and has had to be cooled, and will need to continue to be cooled for a long time to come, if this is to remain the case.  Along with number six.

But I digress. 

So the article I spoke of indicates that cobalt-60, which can be a trace byproduct of nuclear reactor fuel cycle, as I understand it -- can in fact be a significant component of weapons fallout, as it is produced by nuclear fission.

Is that right?

Well, not according to the CDC.

Exhibit A: 

The PUBLIC HEALTH STATEMENT ON COBALT, available at www.atsdr.cdc.gov/tp33-c1-cobalt-toxprofile.pdf  Link is to PDF.  Here is the html version, finagled from Google's cache, besides having doozies of propaganda exemplars such as 

has this to say about how cobalt is produced:

That would be in direct contradiction to the above information.  

Who is right?  The US Government, or some blogger?

Exhibit B

From the US Atlas of Nuclear Fallout Volume I.

Exhibit C

All these maps are now hosted by 260 press, who says they were sourced from government studies.  Preliminary attempts to locate the originals left me emptyhanded;   leave a comment and a link, please, if you have better luck.

Exhibit D

I can't find weapons testing or fallout anywhere on this page from the EPA, can you?

I was led to this information by this awesome post over at Allegedly Apparent (a blog which is again accessible, and updated.  Shhh, don't say anything, act nonchalant and maybe it will stay that way):

Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?

Maybe there is a good explanation, something other than the wild conspiracies that beg to be considered.  They are pretty interesting, actually, and I have posted what details I thought coherent and plausible, elsewhere in this blog.*  But perhaps there is some other culprit. You know, too much iron in the seawater maybe, or maybe the zircalloy fuel rods were zincalloy by accident...

(That is, other than those explanations involving a secret weapons program, which would mean the nuclear material that go boom was enriched not to 3-20% as it would be with reactor fuel, but the 98% necessary for military uses -- explaining all the crazy high readings, ongoing criticalities, and general weirdness. Crazy stuff, some of it going all the way out there, claiming Israel was middleman for the deal, and swapped out the goods with inferior, thus providing a motive for Stu.X.net and explanation for that Israeli security company allegedly acting as a chaparone those first crucial days. The things people find on the internet.


 Evidence Of Uncontrolled Nuclear Chain Reactions At Fukushima 

SECRET Nukes? No, Not Israel - SECRET. Not Iran... JAPAN.

Stuxnet and Fukushima Daiichi: Questions, Analysis and ...More Questions


Japanese Police, Coast Guard, Hold "Drill" At Fukushima "To Prepare For A Possible Terrorist Attack" DON'T YOU FEEL SAFER NOW?

 The Fun Beginneth | Hew Jass NRC FOIA Fukushima Data Dump 

Israel And Japan Sitting In A Tree | (EASY-TO-READ VERSION)

 (in case you missed it) FUKUSHIMA MOLTEN FUEL VISIBLE FROM FLYOVER (video pulled from youtube) 

Japan Nuclear Crisis: US Embassies, Military Shredded Dox For 4 Days 

(What was that I saw about Japan returning a bunch of plutonium to the US recently?)

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M.W.K.P.A. : "Guillotine" by The Coup : Lyrics, Music, Official Video

nota bene videæ: I hope that any implied future Post-Revolutionary Terror has come away from the mistakes of the past with a wisdom and compassion that it should go without saying is, even if not from the perspective of those who think themselves big to jail, quite undeserved.

Thank you Boots.  This is just what we needed.

The whole album is this good.

Originally posted 11/24/2012.

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The definitive answer when someone recites that worn out cliché --  
given to us by who?

Snowden, of course...

Saying you 
 "don't care about"
          because you "have 
             nothing to hide"
is like 
saying you 
  don't care about
              you have 
          nothing to say.

Edward Snowden,
American Patriot,
transmitted by
George Orwell, er, Torwell,
as channeled by Juice Media.

Cyberspace is Real Life. Digital rights are the same as human rights.
Privacy enables the creativity born of fearlessness without which we are lost.

Here is the video source,
Watch it.

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This index spans all matter of genres, filetypes, and sources. It was by definition compiled by many people, since most links were mined from the comments section.  No Energy News webpages proper are included, just outbound links. 

I have not yet come upon the best format, both for the material and my understanding of HTML; hence the '1.0' -- making this index of information, mostly concerned with matters Nuclear,  a beta version. So to speak.  

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