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What You Are Not Being Told About Google's Leaked Document "The Good Censor" | FULLTEXT DOWNLOAD PERMALINK

Actually if you read the leaked PDF Google does not want to be anyone's mommy, and appears to be acting rationally.  

Unlike Twitter.

Just sayin'. 

I saved it on a post at my anti censorship blog, MINUS 102in case something happened to the original, which is at:

Check it out: 

It is by no means the stuff of tyranny, and we have much scarier things to worry about.

I am, of course, not telling you what to think, my dear Reader.  I am, however, stipulating that you don't get to continue on about Google's being a representative of the 'Nanny State' unless you actually read the document.

That is, if you will allow me such a stipulation.  It's for your own good, really.  Think of it this way: On the one hand, what could it hurt?  Besides, it's a PowerPoint presentation, so it's mostly pictures, a quick read.

And on the other hand, not basing your educated and voiced opinions of the document could likely end badly.

I hate to see my people taken in by propaganda.  Especially dumb propaganda.

Be seeing you.

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