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No, The New Mexican President Did Not Tell His People To 'Flood The Border"

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 Now this is just plain silly.

Here is the specific excerpt that has been making the rounds:

As excuses go, "horrible translation" just doesn't cut it.  Its too... articulated.  To say someone is saying something they never said, and then mock them for words put into their mouth, is shameful and sloppy journalism.  Malicious, if it suits your agenda.    

The article in the original Spanish.
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He was taking up the cause of those who had chosen to immigrate, not telling others to join them.  The context is the aftermath of the focus, on both sides of the border, on migrating families and the fate of children separated from their parents by what he calls "arrogant, racist, and inhumane" policies of the current administration.

This news seems faked on purpose.  Google translate and a couple brain cells were all that was needed to do better.

Only the moderate difficulty of tracking down the quote stands in the way of people finding out what shenanigans are being pulled here. 

The truth would no doubt be unpopular in certain circles – the very ones whose membership depends on such deceit.  Aha!  A blog post! 

As Politifact explains:

No, Mexico’s presidential candidate didn't call for mass migration to the United States
by Manuela Tobias, Politifact

That translates to: "Soon, very soon, after the victory of our movement, we will defend migrants all over the American continent and the migrants of the world who, by necessity, must abandon their towns to find life in the United States;
In the original Spanish.
it’s a human right we will defend."
López Obrador is not telling anyone to flood the border, but saying that he will defend those who find themselves with no other option but to relocate to the United States. The quote was delivered in the wake of news of the Trump administration’s rampant separation of families at the border.

Here is the full Google translation:

About that silliness: Think about it.  What?  Only if they expect world leaders to just promise any made-up thing no matter how little sense it makes or little power they have to deliver, would anyone even think this was plausible. 

Maybe they thought it made sense because they assumed all immigrants were stupid. Or all poor people. Or all Mexicans.

Maybe they see nothing amiss by Mexicans being so completely obsessed with sabotaging the American way of life they forgot to prioritize their own self-interest, that they somehow bypassed their own inborn survival instinct.

That would be like Trump telling everyone they had the God given right to land in Russia.  To a white house in Red square.  That would be like...  like.... C'mon, Gentle Readers all, help me think of a good illustrative metaphor!
Wait: I have an idea! 

I'll start us off with a few:

• That would be like your next-door neighbor telling his family that they have the right to move into your house.  

• Like saying 'David Duke told all Klansmen they should demand free DNA tests and post video to YouTube of the moment they read the results.'    

• Like the local high school principal telling all the students they had the right to raid their next door neighbor's liquor cabinet. And demand that it be stocked. 

 • [your turn -- leave ideas in the comments]


Be seeing you.

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