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Ice Melting 3x Faster Than Expected: Catastrophic Flooding Now Not An If But A When

He Asks, "Hey, Isn't That My House?," And The Pilot Answers "Wasn't." (Image via

So while we were being distracted by Trump's Daily Concern And Irresistible Sideshow, real things were happening.  The following is a screenshot. Click on it to go to the page.

Again, the Paris agreement is a completely different issue to the one that we’re reporting today. And that is that irrespective of changes in policy decisions, we should expect some sea level rise. And I think it’s best work on the assumption that if things stay as they are today, the sea level rise will come. And on that basis, every coastal city should have a very clear and transparent, and actually broadcast to the citizens, coastal flood protection policy and what they’re going to do in the next 50 years. If you want to raise San Francisco’s or Vancouver’s riverfront by 50 or 100 centimeters, that’s going to require some thought. It’s not, it’s not by any stretch of the imagination impossible to do. It can be done. But none of those cities will want a wall around their coastlines....

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