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The Best Way To Locate And Contact Your Elected Officials | Public Service Announcement

Letter-writing at a portable desk with quill, inkwell, seal and an open book bound with clasps on a reading stand ... and a clock and bell (Antwerp, 19th c.)

Gentle Readers: A Public Service Announcement

Your opinions deserve to be heard by your elected representative.  Sometimes, they make a difference, and, given the precarious state of many issues vitally important to our health and well being, we need all the help we can get. 

An easy-peasy one-stop open-source web portal to locate your elected officials (congress or house), compose your thoughts in email, and send that email campaign tested, eff approved:

  " uses the SmartyStreets Geocoding API and the Sunlight Congress API to look up your representatives."  What's more, one can voice whatever opinion one wishes on whatever topic. 

Other resources:

If you need a template, there are a few appended to another look-up-your-elected-official site, beBusinessed (they have an interactive map, not better than eff's, but visual). 

Wondering about the proper formal address or title? Forms of Address has some useful pointers.

Also: How to Write Effective Letters to Congress: Real Letters Are Still the Best Way to Be Heard by Lawmakers.


This public service announcepost was inspired by:

The FDA just outlawed CBDs and hemp oil extracts by claiming all plant molecules now belong exclusively to Big Pharma

Perhaps you think that headline must be sensationalizing at the very least. I checked, and I don’t think it is. That is what the FDA legalizeis in fact saying, as difficult as that is for me to believe that they are being that nakedly opportunistic and sociopathic. More frighteningly totalitarian b.s., and if I have time I will deal with it in a separate post. For now let me quote a comment I left on this article over at BlackListed News:
One can voice whatever opinion one wishes on whatever topic. I suggest that if you want to keep not only your cannabis, but also your vitamins - and maybe even see your government continue to get its head out of wherever it has been and start responding ethically and humanely, that then "you" are that "one."
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Mr. Adams.


Be seeing you.

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