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'Tactical Nuke' in Ukraine Airport? Links (re 911, nukes) Restored | S.F.M.H.

Saving From The Memory Hole, or, Who Has The Better Tech?, a faustian original

S.F.M.H.: Saved From Memory Hole.  

I do so love finding the sources now 404ed.  A recent Zerohedge article, in particular, a link ia comment therein, produced a fine, interesting crop.  Hat tip to Palmer Eldritch.

Last night's headlines crowed in bright red flashing text that Russia and Ukraine had (once again) agreed a cease-fire and terms over the borders between the two nations. Perhaps not surprisingly, mere hours later, Ukraine is claiming that Russia has broken the truce... with the use of a tactical nuclear weapon at Luhansk airport. This comes on the heels of claims by the pro-Russia separatists that Kiev forces destroyed a massive military plant in Donetsk. Russia's defense ministry flatly denies the 'nuclear strikes' adding that "no reasonable person will take them seriously." This truce-breaking action has once again raised calls among Ukrainians for the nation to get its nuclear status back; something Russia is clearly strongly against.

The comment:

The main video (no thanks to the Internet Archive) is on Youtube:

Or you can right click this link to save. You may have to copy the link and change to suit your IP and the current timestamp. Just sayin.'

The source material (thanks to the internet archive):

Writings of a Finnish Military Expert on 9/11
Written in spring 2005, a modestly language-corrected version Corrected by another person than the original author.
The photographs attached in this non-profit distribution are for securing volatile, important evidence on 9/11 for discussion and education. Author hereby grants full permission to reproduce the drawing 'The Bombs in the WTC' and his writings. You are encouraged to mail, publish and mass produce these documents or your enhanced versions of them. Due to concerns for his personal safety, the author has chosen to remain anonymous.

The pdf therein cited (the ArXiv link merely moved) is below.  If it does not display in your browser, try this  link; if that is broken, I posted this page to the Wayback Machine here, or you can right click the iframe below to get the data encoded source.

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