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Cryptome's John Young: All Snowden Dox May Be Published In July - To Avert A War

So, John young of Cryptome is not a man to exaggerate.  He is not a man to lose his cool, or to blow things out of proportion.  He is not, how you say, a scaremonger or a sensationalist.

This is why the following headline gave me gooseflesh.

claims all Snowden files 
will be published in July 
to avert a war
(Russia Today)
July Spy Syzygy: HOPE Anti-Spy July 18-20; Aspen Pro-Spy July 23-26; Cryptome Kick-Spy ends July 27. During July all Snowden docs released.
Repost: July is when war begins unless headed off by Snowden full release of crippling intel. After war begins not a chance of release.
Repost: Only way war can be avoided. Warmongerers are on a rampage. So, yes, citizens holding Snowden docs will do the right thing.

...the biannual Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) event in New York City starting July 18...Daniel Ellsberg, the former United States Department of Defense staffer attributed with leaking the so-called “Pentagon Papers” during the Vietnam War ... is scheduled to deliver a keynote address at HOPE, and Cryptome tweeted that those wanting more information on the release of Snowden docs should stayed tuned to that event for his speech and another from a yet-to-be-announced special guest. (emphasis mine.)
“July is a summitry of anti-spy and pro-spy events, HOPE and Aspen Security Forum. Both sides will be pushing their interests, with dramatic revelations by newsmaking and news breaking speakers,” Young wrote to the reporter. “At Aspen there is a star-studded list of top military and spy officials, defense industry and main stream media parading the need to combat the Snowdens and the WikiLeakers who do not understand the necessity of a luxurious and wasteful natsec and spy warmongering."
“We, modestly, will conclude our kick-spy Kickstarter campaign in asynchrony with the Bold Names,” Young continued. “To hell with all of the preeners who from all appearances, get togethers, books, public relations and mutual consultation are working together to assure they remain synchronous.”
“July is hot as hell, so a great month to burn through public money ferociously, battling over which voracious information producer can inflame the newsmaking loins of peace and war: in times of both prepare for both, endlessly elbow bending at the perfidy of the PR competitors,” he added. “So, definitely, Snowden documents will be released in July. If the contending parties have their way, all of the documents will be released to kickstart the war on terrorism, in Iraq, in Iran, in North Korea, in the Holy Land, across Africa, Caribbean Drug Sea, the US-Mexican border, and the areas of operations always on alert in DC, Fort Meade and Colorado Springs.”
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The special guest at the conference is rumoured to be Edward Snowden, of course.

In a related story, Glenn Greenwald was on point of publishing the list of folks particualrly in the NSA crosshairs, but according to reports the US pulled some no-backsies legal maneovre and Greenwald and company needed to check it out before they make their next move.

Also it is interesting to note that one in five websites is now rumored to be blocked in the UK.  Curious as you know I am, Gentle Readers, I sought out a suitable high anonymous British proxy and googled for Edward Snowden.  

The results are pretty interesting.  Not so much what is included as what is missing.  UK on the left, US on the right.

Be seeing you.

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