WIPP Links (Historical, Arcane, Annotated, And/Or Just Interesting)

With apologies I held out til now.  I thought I could present them in a more useful fashion.  Ultimately, however, it is more important they be posted.

Hopefully a good search function will fill a future update.

If you have a Dropbox account, you can search them there; ask me for a recommendation if you don't -- as do all Dropbox products, er, end-users of their free service, I could use more space.

There are other visualizations I have toyed with of this data: none ready for prime-time.  (Interesting phrase.  I haven't watched television in over two decades).

In any event:  Here's to your finding a gem or at least a lead.

Many are here to be a mirror of elsewhere.  In case. The ones merely numbered tend to be PDFs of extant HTML, but I make no promises.  

Be seeing you.

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