Obama DOJ Grants Immunity To Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, and Wolfowitz for Iraq War. (I think I am going to be sick)

And while I was entering in the word 'desolation' after 'abomination that causes,' what should I learn but:

Obama DOJ Asks Court to Grant Immunity to George W. Bush For Iraq War
By Inder Comar
In court papers filed today (PDF), the United States Department of Justice requested that George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz be granted procedural immunity in a case alleging that they planned and waged the Iraq War in violation of international law.
Plaintiff Sundus Shaker Saleh, an Iraqi single mother and refugee now living in Jordan, filed a complaint in March 2013 in San Francisco federal court alleging that the planning and waging of the war constituted a “crime of aggression” against Iraq, a legal theory that was used by the Nuremberg Tribunal to convict Nazi war criminals after World War II.
“The DOJ claims that in planning and waging the Iraq War, ex-President Bush and key members of his Administration were acting within the legitimate scope of their employment and are thus immune from suit,” chief counsel Inder Comar of Comar Law said.
The “Westfall Act certification,” submitted pursuant to the Westfall Act of 1988, permits the Attorney General, at his or her discretion, to substitute the United States as the defendant and essentially grant absolute immunity to government employees for actions taken within the scope of their employment.
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Not Snowden, not Manning, no.  Obama pardons...

I feel sick.

... And... I don't believe one can be pardoned for war crimes.

Ability Of One Human Being To Control Another's Body Remotely Demonstrated Via Internet.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  


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From Wikipedia:

In both biblical and rabbinic Hebrew, the word "abomination" is a familiar term for an idol,[1] and therefore may well have the same application in Daniel, which should accordingly be rendered, in agreement with Ezra 9:1-4 "motionless abomination" or, also, "appalling abomination".

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Space Ghost Is TepCo

From Snatch.  

Watch the whole thing (while you can) here

Inspired by :
Nuclear Official: Tepco made Fukushima plant into a “machine for generating radioactive water” — Runoff from molten atomic cores now in groundwater, ocean — ‘Air cooling’ should be used
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Fukushima Nuclear Pollution Impact On China, US Coasts

Working at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station among underground water storage pools; above-ground storage tanks rise in the background. An IAEA expert team visited the site on 17 April 2013 to review Japan's plans to decommission the facility. Photo Credit: Greg Webb / IAEA

This, recently, from Energy News:

Study shows Fukushima nuclear pollution becoming more concentrated as it approaches U.S. West Coast — Plume crosses ocean in a nearly straight line toward N. America — Appears to stay together with little dispersion (MODEL)
Published: August 20th, 2013 at 9:43 am ET
By ENENews 
Title: An ensemble estimation of impact times and strength of Fukushima nuclear pollution to the east coast of China and the west coast of America
Source: Science China Earth Sciences; Volume 56, Issue 8, pp 1447-1451
Authors: GuiJun Han, Wei Li, HongLi Fu, XueFeng Zhang, XiDong Wang, XinRong Wu, LianXin Zhang
Date: August 2013
[...]  On March 30, 2011, the Japan Central News Agency reported the monitored radioactive pollutions that were 4000 times higher than the standard level. Whether or not these nuclear pollutants will be transported to the Pacific-neighboring countries through oceanic circulations becomes a world-wide concern. [...]
[...] The time scale of the nuclear pollutants reaching the west coast of America is 3.2 years if it is estimated using the surface drifting buoys and 3.9 years if it is estimated using the nuclear pollutant particulate tracers. [...]

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The source link goes to a Springerlink page, asking you to shell out $39.95 for a PDF given away freely by the publisher. 

I hate them, by the way. More on why I despise Springer and its kin after the article and download links. Admire my restraint. Thank you.

For your perusal, Gentle Reader: the source PDF, An ensemble estimation of impact times and strength of Fukushima nuclear pollution to the east coast of China and the west coast of America, featured in screenshots of each page.  The full text is available, below it, in several formats for download, thanks to Science China Earth Sciences.

Links to download source (right click and open in new tab):


Please advise in comments below should any link prove broken or unreacheable for you.

And now, at last, a little bit on the evil that is Springer, part of a four headed monster feeding off of research.

The Cost of Knowledge
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Before the advent of the Internet, it was difficult for scholars to distribute articles giving their research results.  Historically, publishers performed services including proofreading, typesetting, copyediting, printing, and worldwide distribution.  In modern times, all researchers became expected to give the publishers digital copies of their work which needed no further processing.  [In other words the publishers no longer had to do all the work - they got the researchers to do it for them, usually for free. --ed ] For digital distribution, printing was unnecessary, copying was free, and worldwide distribution happens online instantly.  Internet technology [and the significant decrease in copyedit costs --ed] enabled the four major scientific publishers – Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, and Informa — to cut their expenditures such that they could consistently generate gross margins on revenue of over 33%. 


A change from status quo
On 21 January 2012, the mathematician Timothy Gowers called for a boycott of Elsevier with a post on his personal blog. This blog post attracted enough attention that other media sources commented on it as being part of the start of a movement.   The three reasons he cited for the boycott are high subscription prices for individual journals, bundling subscriptions to journals of different value and importance, and Elsevier's support for SOPA, the PROTECT IP Act, and the Research Works Act.

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& hopefully, but perhaps not likely, my intended edits will have remained...

Being as I live almost exactly across from Fukushima, perhaps I give you this post by way of distracting myself from the research itself, which is enough to scare me quite.  And I thought I was jaded.    

Have a nice week-end, and,

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Occupy The Post Office: Berkeley (PHOTOS)

Arrived late at night, most all occupants already asleep.  Creating a photographic record was, in my estimation, happily my duty nonetheless.  Good to see tents and signs again.  Hope I see more of them. Fuck the police, and,

be seeing you.

Fukushima is about to get really really bad.

So I have perhaps been too disgusted to post recently.  This breaks my reverie:  as it should yours.  Consider that headline again.

Fukushima is about to get really really bad.  

That's right.  Is about to. 

More likely is already.  Absent the kind of response we have not yet seen even the ghost resemblance of, coming out of anyone with the authority to make a difference.  I have been seeing troubling headlines over the last few weeks, my malaise uneased by the mealymouthed way TepCo & NHK both spoke of the ground "steaming"...

A quote from the video below:

"...its the highest reading for tritium offshore in 2 yrs ...
That is twice the amount detected about two weeks ago, and the highest since monitoring began in June 2011, but they say that the amount is still well below the government set safety limit..."  

NHK; meticulously told truths that amount to lying their asses off.

but I didn't sense the full extent until I read Michaël Van Broekhoven's treatment of the subject, excerpted here:

Alert – Fukushima-Daiichi NPP Crisis: EXTREME Radioactive Water Leaking into Ground; Unprecedented Radioactive Contamination of Pacific Ocean.

Posted on July 31, 2013
by Michaël V.B.  of Not All Alleged Is Apparent

...Even Nuclear insiders are apparently beginning to lose their cool, calling the kettle black:

“This action regarding the water contamination demonstrates a lack of conservative decision-making process.  It also appears that you are not keeping the people of Japan informed.  These actions indicate that you don’t know what you are doing you do not have a plan and that you are not doing all you can to protect the environment and the people.”  
Dale Klein, former head 
of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
 at a TEPCO-sponsored nuclear reform monitoring panel 
composed of two foreign experts and four Japanese including 
the company’s chairman (July 2013).   
Quote in context

The difficulties we face at Fukushima Daiichi are on par with the difficulties we faced in the wake of World War II.”     
-  Shunichi Tanaka, 
the Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman 
at a Tokyo news conference, a
s reported last week in the July 24, 2013 New York Times
 Chairman Shunichi Tanaka also admitted, at last, 
that TEPCO needs help with the cleanup.  

  • TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2013 – ABC (Australia): “It’s taken about two-and-a-half years, but it seems the Japanese government is finally losing patience with the operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant.  The reason: its haphazard approach to stabilising the complex.  Last week it was unexplained steam rising from the shattered remains of the building housing the melted reactor number three. This week it’s TEPCO’s admission that radioactive water from the plant has probably been leaking into the Pacific for the last three months. [...]"
  • FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013 – TEPCO tries to explain why they’re withholding information.  Apparently they’re just “protecting the fishing industry”, not from contamination, but from the detrimental economic impact of news reports on the apparently continuing radioactive leaking (aka fear of people making informed decisions…)
<B1-1: Unit 2 water intake power cable trench (seawater piping foundation part)>

- Sampling on July 26 [2013]:
!!!–> Tritium  8,700,000 Bq/L (8,700Bq/cm3)...
           Chlorine 8,000ppm...
!!!–> Cesium-134  750,000,000Bq/L (750,000Bq/cm3)...
!!!–> Cesium-137  1,600,000,000Bq/L (1,600,000Bq/cm3) ...
           All-β  750,000,000Bq/L (750,000Bq/cm3) ...

  [!!! - For a clue how extreme that is, see [below]...]


This was ... strangely not reported by the vast majority of news outlets.  Maybe they’re not quite grasping its rather grave significance?  Maybe the following couple points will help…
So, how bad is that, really?  
  • 1.6 billion becquerels of cesium-137
  • 750 million becquerels of cesium-134
That adds up to 2.35 billion Bq, aka, 2.35 GBq (gigabecquerel), of Cs-134 + Cs-137 combined, PER LITER of contaminated water.   So that that translates to [-x1000]:  2350 GBq per cubic meter (aka 2.35 Tbq/m^3 (TeraBecquerel per Cubic Meter) – See my Radiation Units page for help with conversions, prefixes and units.)


So, roughly 33 PBq of Cs-137 was estimated to have leaked from the plant in total (ALL that was deposited over Japan, the Pacific, North America and beyond, as well as all that had directly leaked into the waters in the first year of the disaster), and now there’s over 11 PBq, a whopping 1/3rd of that previous estimated total, in a leaking trench near the beach, with groundwater and nearby ocean contamination levels spiking…


I think it’s not outside the scope of possibilities that, on top of what has already been released beyond the reactor site so far, that an entire INES-level 6 or 7 disaster is shaping up underground at this moment.  Could it be that we’re looking at the slow-motion beginnings of some type of ‘China Syndrome‘ (molten corium entering the soil underneath a reactor)?


If we wanted to add the trench to the (note: outdated already) fallout maps for Japan or Chernobyl, to be consistent with the [TEPCO's 3-10-30-100-...] logarithmic jumps in contamination values for every new color, we’d have to add at least 4 additional colors to the map legend.  To illustrate, I added 5 color blocks to my 2011 fallout maps legend comparison chart (to explore posts related to that see the Nuclear tab above and click the sub-tab Fukushima vs. Chornobyl).  Until they make such a map, this recently skyrocketing trench contamination level is quite literally “off the charts”:
The contamination of the Fukushima Daiichi trench, practically on the beach aside the Pacific Ocean, put in perspective. Graphic by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2013.
The different vertical lines in the presentation above are the colors used in different radiation fallout maps, found here.

Independent Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen weighs in on these latest findings:
  • Radio Interview on Radio New Zealand: Arnie Gundersen is interviewed by Wayne Brittenden for his program “Counterpoint”, July 28, 2013LISTEN HERE  [h/t ENEnews, which posted this transcript excerpt; [w/ MVB's emphasis]...At ~12:00 in: Arnie Gundersen, former nuclear industry executive and now chief engineer at the Fairewinds organisation: “The net effect is: the Pacific near Japan, and likely the whole Pacific, over the next 5 years will have cesium levels 5 to 10 times higher than what they were at the peak of bomb testing.  So this is the biggest release of radiation to a body of water in the history of the world, much worse than Chernobyl. So the net effect is we’ve contaminated the biggest body of water on the planet [...]“...

But perhaps you wonder the same: this “5 to 10 times higher than what they were at the peak of bomb testing”, how much radiation are we really talking about here?... 

[ calculations available in full at source]

   ...Seems entirely possible to me… Consider the following:  According to data mentioned in this July 11, 2013 Global Research article, TEPCO’s already storing 400 tons of contaminated water PER DAY, and that groundwater is entering the complex at a rate of ... some whopping 200 tons/day of in-pouring groundwater....  So we’re talking about 3% [5.6/200=2.8] of (becoming radioactive as it passes by molten corium?) water not getting stored and thus making its way to the ocean…

If the water flows, water contamination and failure to stop this continue unabated, then, yes, 5 years of continued leaking would indeed leave us with an entire Pacific Ocean 5 times more contaminated than at the peak of nuclear bomb testing in the early 1960s…  


If I were Japan, or any nuclear regulatory agency with a hint of backbone and genuine care for the wellbeing of humanity…, I would declare an all-hands-on-deck ‘Planetary Emergency’...

Every "[snip]" is also worth your time; do trackback to Not All Alleged Is Apparent to read more...

And spread the word.  Who knows?  Maybe someone can stop this fucking insanity.

Be seeing you.