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Dish Selflessly Charges $$$ To Bring People The Broadband That Was Once Proposed As A Low Cost Public Service To Sell People On Digital TV

Since CNET would not let me comment, I guess I had to publish it here.  Their post: 

Dish reportedly readying nationwide satellite broadband

Dish Network is reportedly preparing to roll out a nationwide satellite-based broadband service this fall, ramping up competition with cable companies....The satellite, which was launched last month, can support download speeds of 15 megabits per second and can handle about 2 million new Internet customers, the sources told Bloomberg. However, speeds may be limited to 5 megabits per second to accommodate more customers.
Pricing estimates for the new service were not revealed, though it's expected to be more expensive than cable or DSL. The service will likely be aimed at customers in rural areas where wired connections are prohibitively expensive and cellular alternatives are unavailable.
Dish is expected to bundle the new Internet service with TV programming packages, increasing its competition with cable companies such as Comcast and Time Warner, which also offer bundled broadband and TV programming.

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This post of mine is a must read on this subject.  Digital TV was designed to be bi-directional and to be capable of carrying broadband to rural areas -- everywhere -- cheaply.  In addition to all the media it now supports.  If Dish claims not to know this, they are being disingenuous; if they truly do not, incompetent. Either way profiting greatly from the ignorance of the people, or from a short-lived shortfall in providers.  Perhaps TPTB are in cahoots again, and the heralded Cheap Broadband For All was merely the sugar to get Amurrcans to swallow Digital TV:  did I mention it is inherently bi-directional?  Also much is lost in the way of locating intrusive or invasive signals, or data leakage from one's system, by triangulation, since there is no triangulation.  No onscreen ghosts to tell you how far away the spooks are, or where another node has been installed unbeknownst.  "But here, here's Amurrcan Idol." To paraphrase Saint Bill of the Hicks, "Go back to sleep, America". In front of the set, like you always do when your wife works late and you eat a pint of your favorite ice cream, the room lit only by the screen....

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