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I am passing this on from a helpful soul at EnergyNews.The tide is beginning to turn, so help now is crucial:


stock  November 4, 2012 at 4:02 pm 

OK I want action here. I want 100 people from ENENEWS to contact Scott Walker and explain your knowledge of spent fuel, in regards to our first victory, they ARE shutting down Kewaunee Nuke Plant in Wisconsin.
I WANT YOU to contact Walker, his email is here. And inform him that it is NOT a good idea to store the spent fuel on the shore of Lake Michigan for 120 years. Seriously, this is their plan at this time.

Thanks it only takes a minute or two.
If Walker gets 100 emails on a Monday morning he will take notice.
By forcing the plant owner to pay the full costs of nuke, we will force nuke off this planet. And that shall be a big win.
This is a huge opportunity. The first plant closing in the US, and a very pro-active governor who has successfully fought and won against the powers that be on other issues.

From his blog post:

Be seeing you.

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