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DOD Debriefing Detalls Domestic Drone Deployment

Because, what America needs most right now is drones, and lots of them, what we are most concerned with is, where will we ge kids smart enough to operte them?  Will there be enough vacant real estate to serve as a convenient home base?  And what if we don't have all the money in time?  

I mean, after all, our interests ought to be protected on the home front at least as well as overseas.  That is, with drones.

Did you know that in Afghanistan they have marked targets -- human beings, that is -- with infrared homing beacons disguised as common household objects?

Not that precision -- the ability to take out the target -- guarantees accuracy.  If you posit that taking out the target is somehow necessary, and thus good, without due process, it is a hop skip and a drone's flight to the necessary sanctioning of the murder, or precision targeting, of an entirely different person by mistake (as the above link demonstrates). 

Then it's time, no doubt, not to dwell on the past.  Unless, of course, you or your loved ones are disappeared, tortured, or dead.

What follows is the source document of a Department of Defense report to Congress. It has been publicized for the now-disclosed future locations of drone bases across the continental US. There are darker details.  I think it speaks for itself.

PDF is here.

Html,  is the next post.

Be seeing you.

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