"DHS377Words" Is A Timesaving Tinyurl! Copy/Paste Everywhere!

UPDATE:  now try "preview.tinyurl.com/dhs377words"

Teeny, Copy/Paste, or Content Editable! 

Just remember: 


When you are dong anything on the web, now you always have those 377 words that Homeland security is monitoring for at your fingertips!  Just affix "dhs377words" to "tinyurl.com" like so:


Preview below.

(And for those Gentle Raders still using IE
who might not, with the page above, have been
altogether pleased.  My apology
if what you could see was not what was meant to be seen)

The second, IE friendly page is tinyurl.com/377wordsDHS

Be seeing you.


  1. Gone already!?

  2. is there -- at least for me --- if you have an early ie you may encounter difficulty. has it worked for you today?

    i will encode it a different way and see if that helps.

  3. Ah! You stole my idea - Only you did it better than I would have done it. Congratulations. You're absolutely right. The more this list gets spread around, the better for everyone.

  4. This list of course is ridiculous as anyone can see. Why would a terrorist use the word "terrorism"? This list seems like a promotional list for the DHL to "market" to low-brow hypnotized souls to help them think the DHL is doing it's job, don't you think? I mean, really!

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