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A Spammer Has Stolen My Posts Wholesale For Their Evil Spam Blog

... and I am most unhappy about it.  I am not linking to it directly here, for several reasons. My description, as put recently in a question posted at the appropriate forum, with the most dangerous details emphasized:
some [expletive deleted] individual has copied all my posts for a spam-generating 'blog' of his own.  

all my posts, with the exception, perhaps, of the newest (have not checked).  some written by me, some 'read more' reposts, some original artwork, some guest posts. 
all copied wholesale & imported into another blog onto which he has slapped his stupid [expletive deleted] name, post by post, starting (as far as i know) last year &, backdating, has impersonated my blog --- with a different, really dumb, title -- all the way back to my first post.

i don't know how to report it, that is, how to categorize it.  is it spam?  piracy?  impersonation?  i cannot even locate an email address -- a simple email address -- to contact google properly in this regard.  i would certainly settle for a phone number, or snail mail identification. (lat/long however, does me little good.  i intend to contact via the general Mountainview address or number, if i must, & as last resort).

yes this person has a blogger account.  he has, however, copied posts older than the earliest date for which he has officially had an account.  he also includes my name in the posts -- i suppose that is better than not, but this is not my blog, not authorized by me, & the content is just used as bait since as soon as one clicks a tentacled advert monster explodes out of your screen like the alien baby in the beginning of the first "Alien" move exploding out of a human abdomen, but instead of running off to join a google group it attached itself with a slimy sucking sound to your face muffling your bloodcurdling screams in anticipation of its feast & since you cannot pry it off & you cannot click anywhere (or if you can, you shouldn't) you will suffocate unless you close the tab.  (at least it isn't the species, exemplified by the 'you-have-won-a-new-ipad' phenotype, after whose vicious paralyzing attacks one has to force quit one's browser altogether.) 

There you have it.  I sandboxed the motherfucker and data-encoded the sandbox, below.

And for the curious, I only lightly muzzled it so you could see some of it's evil spammy ways, (hopefully -- even more hopefully, without getting any on you -- click at own risk):

It already has outranked me on some searches.

I hope to have its head on a stick soon.

Be seeing you.

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  1. creepy!

    looks like the vile critter has been banished...