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Citizen's Police Review Board: Convened by Occupy Oakland Grand Lake Theatre, 2/9/12

At first all I knew was from the news (quasi-indy) -- and so I didn't know why theCPRB Canceled....

Citizens' Police Review Board to postpone forum on OPD, Occupy Oakland

Feb 2 
by Jennifer Inez Ward

The Citizens' Police Review Board has postponed a public forum on the Oakland Police and Occupy Oakland originally scheduled for Feb. 9 at Oakland City Hall.
Caceres did not give a reason for the delay.
According to the CPRB website, the focus of the forum was supposed to be the Oakland Police Department’s response to the Occupy Oakland encampments and protests between Oct. 25 and Nov. 14.

"In the wake of recent Oakland Police Department’s response to Occupy Oakland protests, the Citizens’ Police Review Board received a petition, formal complaints from Oaklanders and numerous calls from around the nation and the world, prompting the opening of eight investigations into officer misconduct," the website states.

CPRB's website lists several goals for the forum including, obtaining testimony from people affected by the police response to Occupy Oakland. The forum also will be an opportunity for the city's police to respond to CPRB and "about the planning and implementation of police actions around Occupy Oakland and how the department is addressing misconduct."

Information about OPD’s policies on use of force, protests, crowd management and mutual aid, also were slated to be a part of the discussion.
Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan, along with community groups and people associated with Occupy Oakland, were expected to attend....

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...but I knew that OccupyOakland had taken up the slack

Occupy Oakland Forum on Police Actions

Feb 9 
by Benjamin Philips

Occupy Oakland is hosting a Forum on Police Actions on February 9, 6:15 pm at the Grand Lake Theater.
The Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB) announced yesterday that they had indefinitely postponed a forum which had been in the works for months. This forum had been intended to allow the community to discuss the Oakland Police Department’s handling of Occupy Oakland.
Police actions on January 28 show that this forum is more needed than ever, and that the OPD has not made any significant progress or reforms since they shot Scott Olsen in the head on October 25.
Thus, Occupy Oakland is hosting a forum to take its place....
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As it turns out, the original CPRB was not gong to be about the police actions against the Occupatio on the 28th, and they had cancelled basically to regroup.  (I hope I have that right).  CPRB was at tonight's meeting -- they explain it better, no doubt.  So without delay, the recorded streams of the meeting -- which are very interesting.  First, a presentation on OPD Brutality, narrated by OakFoSho of various streamers' clips from  January 28th, 2012 -- the Oakland Rise Up Festival, a.k.a. move-in day.






This was followed by a short intermission and an open forum.






And here is another video streamer's point of view:






I can tell you that this occupation is every bit as beautiful as all that.

And more.

Hella occupy.

Be  seeing you.

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