Fukushima Mothers To Be Silenced? Not If We All Speak!

Do you support free speech?

Welcome the #Occupation?

Are you anti Nuke?

Are you pro Mom?

Answer yes to any one of these and you need to sign THIS immediately: a petition underway to prevent the eviction of the Fukushima Mothers from their encampment outside Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI).

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FLASHBACK: Cofer Black To WH 9/11 Inquiry: Removes Gloves, Gives Eye Contact, In Lieu Of Real Testimony

Linked because Cofer is the link connecting:

  • the CIA
  • The (Global) War on Drugs 
  • The (Global) War on Terror
  • The US Military Occupations Lingering Abroad
  • The US Military Presence Looming at Home
  • Warrantless Surveillance (Panoptikon/1984)
  • Fascist Police State Mission Creep


  • The Mercenary Army Formerly Known As The Mercenary Army Formerly Known As Blackwater.
Want me to google that for you?

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How Well Do You Know Monsanto ? (An Interactive Video)

A little gem.  Interactive.  From IfItsGMOItsGotToGo.org. Requires Flash.

Extra Credit:

Spot the connection to The Company Formerly Formerly Known As Blackwater (answer below).

h/t to the source!

That connection would be Raytheon, through a shell company of then-Blackwater, Paravant. 

PDF source appended.

Paravant to Raytheon: (click to enlarge)

Raytheon to Paravant: (click to enlarge)

PDF from NYTimes.

How Well Do You Know Monsanto ? (An Interactive Video)

A little gem.  Interactive.  From IfItsGMOItsGotToGo.org. Requires Flash.

h/t to the source!

Oakland Police Say It Went Like This:

Of course they always tell the truth......

“On January 14, 2012, at 8:00 p.m. a crowd of approximately 125 persons peacefully assembled at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. Oakland Police facilitated a circuitous march through the downtown streets of Oakland between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 11:00p.m.

Although social media sites had indicated that individuals or groups planned to target police personnel, police vehicles, property, and media vans, there were no reports of violence, arson, vandalism, or injury.  A total of two arrests were made – one for an individual observed blocking the roadway with a garbage dumpster, and the other for interfering in that arrest.  Objects, debris, and barricades have been set on fire during past marches.”
— OPD press statement on tonight’s Fuck the Police march #2
from interesting times., by   Susie Cagle, graphic journalist.

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The Protests Will Continue Until The Cops Improve

The harassment, harsh tactics, batch arrests, over-high bail amounts, specious charges, and injuries in the past month have gotten so bad that #OccupyOakland has decided to protest weekly until "the bullshit stops." This is the first one, as far as I am aware, and already the helicopters are buzzing overhead, and the Storm-Troopers-in-Black are deploying.

The helicopters were buzzing loudly in the sky again -- actually, this time only one.  Last time the helicopters didn't even start until there was Riot Cop Deployment.  They must be running out of money.  That would surely be one of the objectives.

Here is the stream -- click through for the archive.  Also see the twitter feed for #Occupy Oakland (hashtag #oo) to your right.

Live stream from Anon Medics on Ustream

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The protests will continue until police improve.

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Something Rotten in the State of Iowa

As seen from a foreign perspective (funny how these details often surface in like manner),  this just in from ex-skf.blogspot.com :

OT: GOP Iowa Caucus Is 3-Way Dead Heat

(UPDATE: It looks MSMs and TPTB did their job. Iowa is a virtual tie between Santorum (Santorum?) and Romney. Paul 3rd. Let's see if they still say Iowa doesn't matter.)


among Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, 23% each with 22% reporting. (CNN)

... the last poll before the election showed Rick Santorum in 2nd, way ahead of Ron Paul when in fact it was the other way round.
From Economic Policy Journal (1/3/2012):
HOT: "Error" on Poll Results Put Santorum Ahead of Ron Paul

Run Ron Paul reports:

With just days remaining until the all-important Republican Iowa caucuses, a left-leaning political newspaper based near the nation’s capital made a critical error in reporting the results of the final Des Moines Register opinion poll before voters gather Tuesday.

On Saturday evening Politico incorrectly reported that the poll showed former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum “climbing to second [place] at 21 percent and Ron Paul in third, with 18 percent.” In fact, Paul took second place with 22 percent of the vote. Santorum was third with 15 percent.
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Evidence of funny business, if you ask me.

More like criminal activity.

I wish I was surprised.

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Radionuclides from the Fukushima accident in the air over Lithuania: THIS ABSTRACT HAS MORE INFO

For Ultraman: because it adds a little more than we had; would that it added more.

Not to show that the amounts were significant (they weren't) but to note that plutonium out of the Fukushima reactors did indeed travel far and wide, contrary to many nuclear experts (particularly the kind that live in Japan) have said.

What's more, the authors of the paper seem to think that plutonium came from the spent fuel.

Interesting. Does anyone have access to the full paper?
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Well, now that you ask (she said two days later):



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