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There goes the Neighborhood... School Police Chief

The funny thing is, his wife is black.  Is that funny?  Not even in Orinda is this funny -- not even if you are drunk off your ass -- but maybe if you are an Officer of the Law...?

from SF Gate
Oakland schools police chief allegedly used slur

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The politically connected police chief of the Oakland public schools has been placed on paid administrative leave for allegedly hurling a series of racial slurs at fellow officers - then trying to cover up the incident - following a day of drinking at a charity golf tournament.
Police Chief Pete Sarna, 41, told officials that his use of the word "n-" was offhanded and intended to be funny, sources tell us. But San Francisco attorney Joe O'Sullivan, who is representing a white officer who filed a complaint with the school district, says the episode was anything but comic.
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Thanks to willystaley at tumblr for being the first news source to tell me what Former Chief Sarna actually said...

Sarna has since resigned.



[An article in OAKLANDSEEN in February, 2011, described the killing of Raheim Brown: 
"On Saturday, January 22nd, 20 year old Raheim Brown was shot and killed by the Oakland Unified School District’s police force outside Skyline High School. Police statements and media have reported that Brown tried to stab an officer with a screwdriver, and a second officer shot Brown five times—once in each arm, once in his chest, and twice in his head—in defense of his partner....On Thursday, February 3rd, outside the OUSD headquarters, Brown’s mother, Lori Davis, spoke at a press conference. Calling the killing an “assassination” she was horrified by the excessive use of force by school police officers. Davis believes that Sergeants Barhim Bhatt and Jonathan Bellusa, the two cops identified at the rally as the two involved in Brown’s killing, should 'never to be able to work in another police department ever.' Tamisha Stewart, the only civilian witness to the killing who was in a car with Brown outside Skyline High, spoke for the first time publicly about the event. The screwdriver Brown was accused of using as a weapon, according to Stewart, was being used in an attempt to hotwire a car, and it “never left the ignition.” While hotwiring a car might be cause for police attention, it is not cause for five bullets, including two to the head. Stewart added that “There was nothing that Raheim did that he deserved to die.” According to statements at the press conference, after Brown was killed Stewart was beaten badly and jailed for almost a week."
Nearly seven months later, the cop who killed Raheim Brown was named Chief of the Oakland Schools Police force, replacing a chief who had blurted too many racist slurs (at Black cops!) to be ignored any further. 
The only justice in this story is in the ongoing struggle of the people in the streets. -- Frontlines ed.]

The humor keeps getting blacker." 
Corporanon quips.
 'That is what they call it, isn't it?  Black humor?"

Be seeing you.

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