"History is About to Repeat Itself" |
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(wow.  well done, sir. hats off.)

and -- hopefully not --

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  1. Every year for the past 70 years there is always someone who claims the end is near, the evil is not a person but a whole nation, like the US its all of us that promote the evil and allow the wars to continue, and they will. To focus on nazi's or germany is a childish joke.

    MORE NATIVE AMERICANS DIED BY THE HANDS OF THE AMERICAN ARMY and THE HAND OF THE SETTLERS. The US and its army, may yet beat the number of dead on american soil. So let stop the bleeding of poor jews and not forget the death of Millions of innocent native americans, women, children and males. Huge tribes killed by the US and were kicked out bny force off their own lands... so whos evil nazi party or U.S.