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Tempting the innocent: VLADIMIR PUTIN: must-see video

I know, I know, I shouldn't get my hopes up -- 

it must all be part of the cold-blooded ruthless political machine, but ---

my youthful crush on Vladimir proved quite alive -- giving way to a needing-to-sit-down full-fledged

after this: 

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Tripoli: Thierry Meyssan (safe): CIA/M16 'journos' at hotel

What the hell is going on in Libya?  

Thierry Meyssan, from his hotel, on RT:


Targeted Killings of non-mainstream reporters in Libya ordered: Attempts to bury truth
National Human Rights | Examiner.com

The Examiner learned in communications from human rights defenders and independent journalists throughout Monday that they were shaken with news of 1300 Libyans killed and 5000 wounded Saturday, plus, the U.S. allegedly ordered Targeted Killings of Voltaire Network reporters, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya and Thierry Meyssan, non-mainstream reporters in Libya covering the NATO war, while other independent reporters there are being fired upon and one, Mohammed Nabbous was killed Saturday according to ABC News.  In an interview with journalist Don DeBar on KPFA radio, he reported most mainstream "news" about Libya has been untrue, as alternative news sites heavily report but are increasingly persecuted according to their recent reports.

Continue reading 

The Examiner article is very interesting.... 

Be sure and follow the link to continue reading this article (and kudos to its author, Deborah Dupré)

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Biggest US Nuclear Disaster was NOT 3 Mile Island? Simi Valley Videos

comment by Auntie Nuke to a post over at Energy News, followed by the video upon which it remarks:

"There has never been an official epidemiological study of the effects of being downwind of the SSFL/Rocketdyne meltdown in 1959. However, a citizen-activist site on Facebook called “Secrets of the Santa Susana Field Lab” is asking for posts for their map. If you know anyone who lived in Simi Valley or the San Fernando Valley between July, 1959 and maybe 10 years after, and who have suffered a cluster of unprecedented (not genetically based) health problems, please visit that site and post."

The following video is copyright ABC7News.  It is their content, presented here for educational purposes only.  (Original URL )

My favorite is actually this Xtranormal text-to-movie by scriptcorp:

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There goes the Neighborhood... School Police Chief

The funny thing is, his wife is black.  Is that funny?  Not even in Orinda is this funny -- not even if you are drunk off your ass -- but maybe if you are an Officer of the Law...?

from SF Gate
Oakland schools police chief allegedly used slur

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The politically connected police chief of the Oakland public schools has been placed on paid administrative leave for allegedly hurling a series of racial slurs at fellow officers - then trying to cover up the incident - following a day of drinking at a charity golf tournament.
Police Chief Pete Sarna, 41, told officials that his use of the word "n-" was offhanded and intended to be funny, sources tell us. But San Francisco attorney Joe O'Sullivan, who is representing a white officer who filed a complaint with the school district, says the episode was anything but comic.
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Thanks to willystaley at tumblr for being the first news source to tell me what Former Chief Sarna actually said...

Sarna has since resigned.



[An article in OAKLANDSEEN in February, 2011, described the killing of Raheim Brown: 
"On Saturday, January 22nd, 20 year old Raheim Brown was shot and killed by the Oakland Unified School District’s police force outside Skyline High School. Police statements and media have reported that Brown tried to stab an officer with a screwdriver, and a second officer shot Brown five times—once in each arm, once in his chest, and twice in his head—in defense of his partner....On Thursday, February 3rd, outside the OUSD headquarters, Brown’s mother, Lori Davis, spoke at a press conference. Calling the killing an “assassination” she was horrified by the excessive use of force by school police officers. Davis believes that Sergeants Barhim Bhatt and Jonathan Bellusa, the two cops identified at the rally as the two involved in Brown’s killing, should 'never to be able to work in another police department ever.' Tamisha Stewart, the only civilian witness to the killing who was in a car with Brown outside Skyline High, spoke for the first time publicly about the event. The screwdriver Brown was accused of using as a weapon, according to Stewart, was being used in an attempt to hotwire a car, and it “never left the ignition.” While hotwiring a car might be cause for police attention, it is not cause for five bullets, including two to the head. Stewart added that “There was nothing that Raheim did that he deserved to die.” According to statements at the press conference, after Brown was killed Stewart was beaten badly and jailed for almost a week."
Nearly seven months later, the cop who killed Raheim Brown was named Chief of the Oakland Schools Police force, replacing a chief who had blurted too many racist slurs (at Black cops!) to be ignored any further. 
The only justice in this story is in the ongoing struggle of the people in the streets. -- Frontlines ed.]

The humor keeps getting blacker." 
Corporanon quips.
 'That is what they call it, isn't it?  Black humor?"

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Nuclear War Survival Skills
(free download)

Bumped back to the top.

510 pages. full of helpful charts and how-tos.  


Includes instructions on DIY geiger counter --
accurate to NIST standards. 

awesome. get it here.

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Another London Riot Video Archive

allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="390">

I will attempt to archive personally, as should we all , if there be space and time.

Source of this collection: Protectyourself.cc .  They have a good timeline.

Oh and while I have your attention, O gentle readers:

Have any of you this video?

4 min - 7 hours ago - Uploaded by vasu2neha
http://goo.gl/e94Uw & http://alturl.com/ee2b2 In London, groups of young people rampaged ... Standard YouTube License. 1 likes, 0 ...

If so please drop me the link below -- or get in

And to all of you -- comments are almost always appreciated.

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Video: London Insurrection || Faust's Favorite

http://www.newamerica-now.blogspot.com Listen to the wise old man. Unemployment is rampant especially among the young. Skyrocketing inflation pressuring the population, especially the poor and middle class. The police are acting not as public servants but bullies and tyrants and enemies of freedom and liberty. Many people have reached a breaking point. The unrest is not the disease but the symptom of the disease. Wait...This too is coming to America because the same problems exist and the people are losing patients with their politicians that seem to be working for others. Brace yourselves...A storm approaches quickly. America is next.

Uploaded by NewAmericaNow on Aug 9, 2011, anniversary of Nagasaki.  Thank you, my good man; you have an excellent eye.  

With eyes wet;

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London: The historical Moment: Darcus Howe: tells it like it is

...as they seemed to not be for my youtube account...

aaaaaurhgh.  My apologies to Mr Darcus.

That's Darcus with a D!!

The video:

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a poem (from the poetry blog)

Busby on Radiation in Japan: Issues & Epidemiology

Chris Busby, in a recent interview in Japan, (which you can see here thanks to MsMilkytheClown) provided guidance on detecting and diagnosing symptoms of radiation.

He sourced some of his remarks from this document (all near 300 pp of it).

And yes, I am still trying to get the hang of the video thing.

Document link: 

TepCo Lessons Learned? Maybe Not.

This PDF begged to be a video.  

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(Answer) The Star Of Japanese B&W Acid Western Turned Frighteningly Real

Who is the man living in Fukushima evacuation zone?

via Boing Boing:
About two months after 3/11 I started working on this long-term documentary photography story. I took my bicycle up to Fukushima and entered the 20 kilometer evacuation zone in order to document the fate of the many abandoned livestock and pet dogs and cats.
While working, alone in the exclusion zone, I came across a man, Shoji Kobayashi, who had been living alone in a town just 15 kilometers from the Daiichi reactor where everyone had evacuated. Kobayshi became the central subject of my story.
Inside the Fukushima Evacuation Zone, Part I: Shoji Kobayashi

Monthly Air Raid Siren Absent, Oakland, CA 8/3/2011

I was going to record the monthly Air Raid Siren for artistic purposes:  I wanted the air raid siren that freaks me out monthly.  There I was with microphones and all: stood up by a symbol for the nuclear annihilation that has haunted us since the Cold War.  

I could hear them off in the distance, very faint.  Must have gone off somewhere in Oakland, but nowhere near me, at any point today.

I did, however, find a treasure trove of recordings of the San Francisco tests...

I previously noted test anomalies here

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Short on law enforcement, due to budgetary restraints necessitated by the recent (but thankfully over) Slight Economic Downturn? Have the new advance-approval regulations given adequate warning that a political protest is planned - only to find local enforcement just does not have the personnel to cover the event?  No problem! At last, a solution to the taxpayer burden of security and the looming possibility of civil unrest. No need, thanks to Unicor, to risk minimizing security in your Home Town -- and the additional costs are minimal!  

An ever accelerating number of Americans, now from all walks of life, have seen their lives ruined by incarceration, and this population is only expected to grow exponentially. Even now, lucky participants are daydreaming of a better life, in anticipation of the excellent opportunity this employment will provide.  They will receive rigorous hands-on training in the complete skillset required to keep the peace in these troubled times, and will know how to use a taser as well as a gun! Have Unicor police your next event! 

Almost Five Months After Accident,
Highest Rad Readings Detected, Now In Three Areas

The readings are literally "off the charts."  This is anomalous in its own right -- what could be producing that much energy but a recriticality? And what could be more fitting than the way the MSM is studiously ignoring the topic, feeding us catchphrases and psuedoscience:

from TEPCO: Highest Radiation Reading Ever At Fukushima: More Than 10 SIEVERTS PER HOUR!!!!! (The Highest Reading Geiger Counters Are Able To Record):

Originally Bloomberg. There is so much that is wrong with this article.  I do not buy it that the venting led to this amount of radiation -- thats way too high.  As discussed in this AboveTopSecret thread, at that rate, it would only take 1.4 seconds to receive the 4 millisieverts that the workers are reported to have recieved.  Stay around much longer and you are dead.  Did the workers have lead suits like the workers sent in after Chernobyl? From what I understand, no; they were not actually going to this spot, but using - get this -- a ten foot pole to take the measurements.  (Seriously.)  


In a related development, TEPCO said on Aug. 2 that there were two more pipes nearby that apparently showed radiation in excess of 10 sieverts. The utility said it had not actually measured the radiation there and it had no plans to do so because there would be no one working there. [...]

Also via Energy News:

Record-high radiation detected at Fukushima, The World Today (ABC Australia), August 2, 2011:
Peter Burns, former chief executive officer of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
  • “The levels reported of 10 sieverts per hour are very high levels and it’s going to be very difficult to manage workers going into those areas and doing operations.”
  • “10 sieverts is actually a lethal dose of radiation. So you can’t afford to be exposed for more than a few minutes at those levels.”
  • “It means you’re directly exposed to fuel rods in the reactors or the spent fuel ponds very closely and while it’s possible to get to those levels it means there is very little shielding going on there.”

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Fukushima Citizens
Bravely Confront Government
Over Empty Rhetoric, Broken Promises (VIDEO)

Nakate is at it again, and may extraordinary luck and timing be the reward for his determination in the face of such evil. As I posted excerpts of, in part, here; this is full clip (with much better captions).  

I found it riveting. I could not help but think of the awesome effect of a demand for such accountability, even if it seemed to fall on deaf ears.  I found myself trying to imagine the impact -- and unfortunately, trying to imagine such a demand arising without being born of such extreme events.

Let us, you and I, imagine it together.  Let this mental exercise bear fruit in the real world. Let's make it real.  

Description, from posted on Youtube, July 23, 2011: 
On the 19th of July 2011, people in Fukushima had a meeting with government officals from Tokyo to demand that the government evacuate people promptly in Fukushima and provide financial and logistical support for them. Also, they brought urine of children to the meeting and demanded that the government test it.

With much applause for pejorativeglut for making these videos available:  The sources for the following video are below (all cued to their respective selections: rewind or fast forward if you wish to see more).  Source videos:

And given the scent of censorship of which the media has become redolent of late, please, Gentle Reader, download and save the target files of these links.   The extent to which the Japanese Government has declared itself willing to put muscle behind such statements is, I suspect, no anomaly.

Not in the least.

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As a matter of fact....

Get another hard drive.