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'New' Propulsion Tech: Jets That Move Like Classic UFOs

New, huh. Kind of makes you wonder. 

From the D-Dalus site:

Over recent months we have witnessed unprecedented global challenges that range from the oil platform disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, threats from global terrorism, Somali pirates, earthquakes in Haiti, New Zealand and Japan and the consequent nuclear disaster, and despotic regimes deploying aircraft and artillery against their own people. As each event unfolded, we seemed frustrated by the limitations of our conventional tools in trying to generate a swift and effective solution. How valuable it would be if we had an instant response fleet of aircraft that could provide intimate visual coverage of events, even pre-warning or tracking of such phenomena as tsunamis, oil slicks, small boats, radioactive leakages, arms traffic, the deployment of mines and IEDs etc. Where it is too dangerous for human presence, how ideal it would be if we could deploy a robotic platform that could fly through smoke and radiation, enter buildings, recover casualties or hazardous materials, hold and direct fire hoses or deliver lifesaving equipment. next to a rock face or wall.

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