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Month After Meltdown(s),
Japan AEC Asks for Public Input -- and Gets It. (Transcript)

PDF : 国民の皆様から寄せられたご意見 (期間:平成23年3月8日~平成23年4月5日)  and an American attempting to understand it

An input of which there appeared to be no dearth.  I found this transcript to be fascinating -- the many, many angles from which one can approach "no, duh, nuclear energy IS a really stupid idea, we knew it was going to be, and now we know that we don't even know now exactly how bad an idea it will have turned out to have been, but we nonetheless seem to have to experience it being this very very stupid bad of an idea first hand.  We thought we would share some of our experiences, since you seem to not be doing anything important at the moment, like dismantling the infrastructure of nuclear power or educating citizens about the effects of radiation, or renewing your abandoned duty to protect the children -- the adults of tomorrow -- from the slow deaths caused by your short sighted self-sabotaging indifference, opportunism, and greed."  

Wait -- that was my public comment submitted to the JAEC.  Those who were recorded in this document were much, much more polite.  Pardon me....

But now, without further ado, here is my slightly retouched machine translation of 

(8) The Public Submitted Comments From Everyone (period: April 5, 2011 - March 08, 2011)   

(PDF - 
     With 'adobe job security formatting' -- so if you don't have Acrobat™, you may not be able to read it)

     to original link - right click and save to desktop, 
     or just follow clickstream directions above)

第11回原子力委員会定例会議 (TXT) -
     original 174 page Japanese document extracted therefrom) 

     un-retouched text extracted in sections via googletranslate therefrom) 

(PDF -
     'Retouched' machine translation -- corrections not completed -- reads better.  
     Attempts were made to confine revisionary impulses to punctuation, 
     where it is hoped less harm could be found to have been done to the underlying meaning.)
     (h/t Crisis Maven.)

(HTML - 
    Version. in English by, with several hours lasted, overlong work gladly,
    Made against, such as: syntax, punctuation, and other, Error        Definite Inroads.)              

Here's hoping my Gentle Readers find something of worth......

Tell me what you think.*


1 Of perhaps parenthetical interest is the strange difficulties I had actually obtaining the document.  It is offered, as far as I understand, to the public without reserve. There is no registration or other explicit tracking going on, nor is there, as far as I can tell, any request for money, or any other information.  An English translation is offered by the site itself -- in my case, most welcome -- ah, but it ends one page before the page that links to this PDF.  I thought it more appropriate to take screenshots of than to link to it, considering that they thought it more appropriate to give me the next image, rather than the PDF they had promised:

2. (And that isn't even the best one, but that's fodder for another post.)  So here is what you see when you visit: 

3. And if you then click for English in the upper right, a statement on their motivations and purposes, to wit, "...promoting international cooperation, with a view to ... contributing to the improvement of both the welfare of human society and the living standard of the people":

4. Note also that unofficial transcripts are made available, online, for the 'people' (not necessarily Japanese, if I read that correctly) to view.  Which I venture no one is able to do quite so easily; do tell in comments if you experience otherwise....  So a click to Commissioner's meeting brings us to 2011

5. Now suddenly, though the index is translated, it becomes Japanese only. So much for the world-as-one--society feeling left over from their mission statement (and blessings upon the babel fishies and their kin). A click on the link for "12 Apr The 11th" materials yields:

6.Which translates to -- (isn't it wonderful how you can just sit back, take your hand off your mouse, and take it easy?) -

7. At last, the prize, there at the bottom of the page.  Anyone who can read it direectly the way they usually read PDFs, tell me please.  If you would, tell me what browser you are using, etc.  


UPDATE: Adobe Acrobat ™ reads it just fine.  I retract any implications I may be making below.  I leave them here for academic purposes, because I still resent having to have one corporation's software.... but am sure the AEC meant me no harm...  With apologies. Sigh.  

*I, for my part, have more to say as well.  
But am exhausted, 
and have news up with which to catch... *smile*

Be seeing you.

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