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Video Presentation On Chernobyl & Fukushima - (EXCELLENT)

From The Infinite, comes this must see gem:

Prof. Hiroaki Koide also measured radiation levels in Tokyo.
The Japanese government never admitted to this amount of contamination in Tokyo.
Prof. Hiroaki Koide concludes that if Tokyo has been contaminated this much, then ‘areas within Fukushima prefecture must be seriously contaminated’.

More of a discrepancy than you think.  For understanding the nuts and bolts of what such a disaster means for the world -- an understanding complete enough to withstand the tests to which it will be put should you speak or write upon the subject (and if you ask me, it is imperative). 

I found it riveting, despite its being subtitled.  

If you can, arrange a group viewing.  This world needs all the help it can get right now.

Be seeing you.


  1. The future generations will watch these videos and our stupidity will continue to be the end.

    Its amazing that we are living in hell and few really see the distructive nature of the greed of man and women. I know that this is will be the down fall of the earth, not tommorrow but soon as we are really losing the battle as we fight our demons.


  2. could be.

    could be the downfall

    i remain optimistic.