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Fukushima Parents Send Radioactive Schoolyard Dirt To Japanese Officials To Protest New Radiation Limits.

From the department of in your face, office of how does it feel now:

source: Labornet Asia

Fukushima Parents Send Radioactive Dirt Collected From Fukushima Schoolyard Emitting 38 Millisieverts Per Hour Of Radiation To Japanese Officials To Protest New Radiation Limits.
Fukushima parents dish the dirt in protest over radiation levels
Furious Fukushima parents dump school playground earth that may have radiation levels well above the old safety level -- 
Parents in Fukushima are angry over rule changes which mean that school children can be exposed to 20 times more radiation than was previously permissible.

Jonathan Watts in Tokyo
The Guardian, Mon 2 May 2011 16.43 BST

Furious parents in Fukushima have delivered a bag of radioactive playground earth to education officials in protest at moves to weaken nuclear safety standards in schools.

Children can now be exposed to 20 times more radiation than was previously permissible. The new regulations have prompted outcry. A senior adviser resigned and the prime minister, Naoto Kan, was criticised by politicians from his own party.

Ministers have defended the increase in the acceptable safety level from 1 to 20 millisieverts per year as a necessary measure to guarantee the education of hundreds of thousands of children in Fukushima prefecture, location of the nuclear plant that suffered a partial meltdown and several explosions after the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March.

It is estimated that 75% of Fukushima’s schools may have radiation levels above the old safety level of 1 millisievert. The local authorities in Koriyama have tried to ease the problem by digging up the top layer of soil in school and day centre playgrounds, but residents near the proposed dump site have objected.

The new standard of 20 millisieverts a year – equivalent to the annual maximum dose for German nuclear workers – will mean those schools remain open, but parents and nuclear opponents are angry that safety concerns are being ignored.

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More info -- and links -  thanks to Labornet Asia

Some 200 people gathered at a study conference on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and the disaster titled, “Protect Fukushima’s Children from Radiation!” on April 30. Kazumasa Aoki of a group to think about aging Fukushima Plant, reported on many messages from parents in Fukushima Prefecture regarding the issue on 20 mSv level. “We can see their concerns and anger in the messages,” Aoki said at the conference, held at Tokyo’s Zensuido Kaikan.
 Fukushima parents are ready to stand up for their children after they expressed their determination at a rally on May 1 in Fukushima to protect the children from radiation. Representatives from the prefecture were to gather on May 2 to demand that the government, Ministry of Education and Science and Nuclear Safety Agency revise the 20mSv level. “We will deliver soil from Fukushima schools to Ministry of Education and Science on the 2nd,” Seiichi Nakate,photographer and representative of Fukushima conference on reconstruction from the nuclear disaster, said. “We will not return to Fukushima until the government revises the level of radiation.” This is the time we must strive in the nation’s capital is questioned. (By Masanori Yumoto) See report & video on UnionTube.

This was the work of Nakate's group!  to quote my recent post:

Here is a press release I found which includes contact numbers for Seiichi Nakate, the gentleman who  stood up so bravely in an effort to get an official clarification of the radiation dose limits set for Fukushima citizens.  It seems these health limits are different for them than for people living elsewhere in Japan. (See that video here). He is also the loving father appealing to the world for help (video here); and he organized the citizens group to put pressure on the government to have a certain corrupt "smile and radiation will not hurt you' man removed from his job as 'radiation health risk advisor' (video here, update here).

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  1. Russian roulette - or perhaps that should be Japanese roulette - with the children now. It seems there is no end to the madness :(